John McCain: Nuts deep in Sarah Palin

I don’t know who did this, but I’d like to buy him a pint of the finest ale and drink to his good fortune.

Warning – Clicking HERE will open an image showing 298 year old republican presidential nominee John McCain banging it in with his arse up the front of his truth dodging, fact oblivious, hot-for-teacher, hockey mom, young Earth, fundamentalist Christian running mate, Alaskan governor, Sarah Palin.

If you are easily offended, don’t click it! Although why anyone who is easily offended would even come to this god forsaken fucked up blog in the first place is quite beyond me!

57 comments on “John McCain: Nuts deep in Sarah Palin

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  2. Looks like good old fashioned satire to me. A healthy democracy should embrace such follies, it takes the heat out of a situation. Maybe the last 8 years have blunted our collective ability to tell the difference between truth and fiction? Maybe the picture would be more complete if Rupert Murdoch was slapping the nib in McCain’s mouth while he tea-bags the moose? But anyone who thinks this is anything more than the 21st century equivalent of a rude scribbling on the men’s room wall, is either an up-tight knob wart, who guzzles on Fox News all day, or an undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenic about to go postal.

  3. I’m looking forward to it, Sue. After all, heaven is going to be teaming with Christians, so – believe me – I’m super keen to avoid that place. But wait, maybe that is hell? How does this thing work again?

  4. Wow…I feel kinda…ill. And that was just your description of the event! Somehow, the thought of John McCain and sex……..nope, does not go together. Like guacamole toothpaste. Just ICK!! ~~Dee

  5. Written for

    Lampooning McCain and Palin
    Today, 7:49 AM
    Call it sick, call it out of bounds – but toilet humour has underlined political satire for centuries. When I posted to my blog, a Photoshop fake of senator John McCain, doing what comes natural to his running mate, the evidence denying racist, Sarah Palin, a small minority of the 9000 plus page views I got in as many hours, saw blood red and began churning out the usual rhetoric, we’ve become almost immune to over the last 8 years.

    “You’ll fit right in when you get to hell.” – Sue
    “..It’s no wonder why the Left in the USA, and also the rest of the world can’t seem to stand individualism. They want to monopolize everything, which also includes a one world government” – mah29001

    People who voluntarily have their chuckle muscle removed and replaced with divisive paranoia, should be more of a worry in this election than any other. We’ve seen what happens when such people are allowed to literally steal the election before. On the other hand, if their sensibilities are so fragile; their collective ego so needing of attention, that a grubby little hobby blog, tucked away in the bowels of wordpress, can draw their fire, maybe we have less to fear than we give them credit for?

    I’m too new around here to presume there is any strong party affiliation, left or right, among the general authorship – but I would be amazed if there were any genuine (pre the neocon take over) republicans here, who side with their hijacked party and it’s proud take-over of a man in John McCain’s impressive stature; filibustered into putting someone as desperately offensive as Sarah Palin on the ticket, because of blatant ageism and a fear of fighting on the issues. A party who have the brass kahunas to pantomime being offended, when someone picks the log from their eye, while they busily try to remove the spelk from everyone else’s’.

    If that’s an overly simplified European view of American politics, there would be a very good reason for that. Living in the UK, with all the luxuries of a dense and readily available rich cultural and historical hindsight, it’s easy to forget that America is still a young experiment. We tend to forget, on this side of the pond, that while we might be divided by many different tongues, we have far more in common with other Europeans, than we do with our friends in the USA, where as Oscar Wilde once said, we are divided by a common language.

    It’s a great shame, that we are all too often in disagreement with the fundamental politics of the American president, while in unison with that of both her legislative houses; the ordinary representatives of the ordinary people. The sister party of the democrats, the Labour party, in Gordon Brown, have never looked more likely to lose their grip on 10 Downing Street – at just the time in which Obama has never looked more likely to win back Washington. The swings and roundabouts, of global politics, will be out-of-sync no matter who wins the next British election, if in November the republicans win the White House.

    The conservative party, here in the UK, are not naturally aligned to the republicans in the same way as the party of Clinton and Gore, are with the party of Blair and Brown. David Cameron, the conservative leader, is unlikely to go out of his way to go along with McCain’s “100 years” in Iraq – as he is equally unlikely to voice any serious concerns for such an illogical plan. A Obama pull-out, on the other hand, would be music to the ears of a traditionally secular party, who almost instantly regretted giving their voice of approval to the Bush / Blair, religiously informed, oil crusade.

    And so, the fake of McCain, going front to back on the Photoshopped torso of the Disney movie of the week hockey Mom, continues to accrue page views and so the e-mails keep coming in. What have we really learned here, people? Republicans can’t take a joke and democrats are defined only by crude liberalism? Are we really such stereotypical voters and opinion formers that we demand only the archetypal leaders too?

  6. I love the spoof. I guess I’ll be dining in hell as well. I am so sick of the christian right in this country of mine (USA), and the bloated government tending the needs of American corporations instead of American citizens, that I would rather see another revolution instead of the elections. If this is an experiment, can we scrap it and start over?

  7. I love the way the only threat god people have isn’t real. Maybe that’s why they have to constantly re-invent the boogie man in countries they can’t point to on the map? Because secretly they know there’s no such thing as an afterlife?

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  10. LOLZ! This must be the reason why Cindy McCain has not left John’s side since Sarah walked through the door. J/K

  11. you claim to be progressive, yet you promote such a horribly sexist image, and even call it “what comes naturally” to her? using sexist tropes to promote other liberal movements isn’t progressive. it’s what we like to call fauxgressive.

  12. Actually it was “what comes naturally to him”. See, she’s a pretty girl. Men like pretty girls in the same way women like handsome boys. McCain is not a handsome boy. He’s an old man, with yellow teeth and a penchant for calling his wife a cunt in public, who “supports wholeheartedly” the criminal actions of America’s most embarrassing president since Nixon.

    And since when was the assumption that it is Palin who is gaining advantage from being sexually used in this relationship? Seems to me like his chances of entering the White House tripled as soon as she stepped into the frame. It’s hardly sexist to assign such seemingly magical political abilities to any woman who can do that, while in the full knowledge of the electorate she is embroiled in an investigation into misappropriation of state funds, believes “in her heart” that the world is no older than bronze-age agriculture and that an illegal war in a country she can’t point to on a map is a mission from god (presumably Yahweh).

    Now if that isn’t someone who deserves to be lampooned, I don’t know who is – and I’d suggest you’re defending someone who could do better without your misguided affections.

  13. I kind of feel the same way about it. It’s wrong — on sooooo many levels, but it doesn’t piss me off. In a strange way, I find Sarah Palin to be quite hot. I’d gladly be her Monica Lewinsky.

  14. if there is a hell, mccain will get there a lot quicker than anybody here- especially if his old ass keeps up those strenuous ‘exercises’ -lol!! his heart can’t take it!

  15. Absolutely Disgusting. This is simply proof how unhinged and deranged Democrats are and the depths of disgustingness they will go to for their Messiah and Savior, Barack Hussein Obama. I would have to say that the Demoncratic party is balls deep and on the chin with their savior

  16. Hmm. I’m sorry about this, I’ve never had to remove comments before, but the term “kike” is unacceptable. Sorry Adolf, I’m sure you were only trying to be ironic – but I didn’t post this image expecting racist comments, it supposed to be a talking point, not a hating point. Please come back any time you like and retract.

  17. @Jim Gardner: Are you kidding? You democrats are truly deranged and losing your minds over Gov. Sarah Palin. She is what stands in the way of the second coming for you godless freaks. Up until Palin came along, you Moonbats thought you had the election all sealed up especially with a demoralized group of Conservatives. Then Palin came out of nowhere and her popularity especially with the disenfranchised women and those of us still clinging to our guns and religion has driven you to the point of a re-enactment of Jonestown. Personally, I think it’s beyond hilarious. You nutroots have gone from having to run against McCain to having to run against someone popular….PALIN!

    Mazel Tov MF’s!

  18. It’s the very fact that she is popular despite being such an ignoramus that is so depressing. “We” had hoped America had grown out of electing know-nothing, anti-intellectual imbeciles. It appears the opposite is true. You should be ashamed of yourself for being so happy to be dragged by the nose, in whichever direction your slave masters decide to lead you.

    I pity you and I pity all of the ordinary rational people in your country who have no choice but to lay down and accept that no matter how hard they work for a fairer society, they’ll always be someone with a massive bank account, or a Daddy in politics, or a friend of a friend who owes a favour to a pimp of a lawyer, screwing them over for no good reason other than because they can get away with it. And you have the audacity to talk about humility in the eyes of god.

    I’m sick to the back teeth of having to pretend to myself that people like you don’t really exist. That you’re just a figment of my darkest imagination, like a nightmare I might wake up from. But you’re real. You really do think that political opinion should be as easy to control as who has the most bile to spew in the largest font face. You’re an idiot and yet you’re in the driving seat.

    That we ever let this madness happen and that one man might offer some recompense for eight years of it, is the hope everyone everywhere around the world has for your once great nation, in the form of Mister Obama. I only hope one day you have the 20/20 hindsight to admit your Fox coloured first impressions of him were wrong, and that you find the intellectual honesty to admit the mistakes of your war for oil; your tax breaks for your criminal friends on Wall Street: your record profits for weapons manufacturers: your kickbacks that lead right up Pennsylvania Avenue and the paper trails through the corridors of so-called power, that a post Obama win investigation will pin the people you hold in such high esteem to the prison wall for the war criminals everyone except you knows they are.

    It’s called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it. Sleep tight.

  19. If you bother to pull your heads out of your A$$es, you would find that it was the Democrats that were largely responsible for the current financial crisis having blocked all of the legislation in 2005 that would have helped avert what happend. McCain saw this coming as well as Bush, but alas, Pelosi and company are “nuts deep” in this because their platform relies on a crisis like this so that the Gubmit can get involved to bail out their friends like Franklin Raines.

  20. You have to excuse us Jim…

    The political process in America you understand is really, really ‘serious’ business.

    Like… really serious.

    So serious in fact, people will wish that you burn in hell for attempting to inject some humor into our process. Not that you have to… because we’ve happily turned the fate of our nation into a total fucking joke already.

    Now, you can call me a liberal or tell me I’m going to burn in hell all you want (I’ve done enough in my life thus far to guarantee a first class ticket to the underworld according to Christian dogma anyway) but that picture is fucking hilarious. I mean, that’s all there is to it.

    We may have similar senses of humor. Also… Excellent choice for an icon.

  21. Yeah I really like my cherub liking Marilyn Manson’s mouth avatar. I think it’s the Rolling Stones tongue or the ‘I (Heart) NY’ image of its time.

    Up-tight is not the phrase I’d use, in describing an unnerving percentage of you guys at the moment. Anyone would think the only two options you have for the next eight years are the prom queen or the black guy.

    It’s utterly hilarious how much the American public have allowed the narrowest, lowest common denominator to define the mainstream media driven electoral process – yet again – and yet still convince themselves they live in a country other people admire.

    Maybe there is something there to admire, if you come from somewhere past administrations have economically screwed so far into the ground there’s nothing left to live there for, but from over here, in the country which invented democracy, people like this Palin woman are simply viewed with utter dismay and hilarity all at the same time; “those crazy yanks!”

    We have no choice but to view it that way; because that’s what it is. All the whoopin’-and-a-hollerin’ in the world isn’t going to change the fact that “the surge” is only working in regions which are predominantly controlled by the British forces. But you’re not going to see that on Fox News, in-between infomercials for drugs you only need if you watch too much Fox News and no-win no-fee legal advice on how to bankrupt your own family.

    I’ve seen America for myself. I never met a single person, in the time I lived there, I wouldn’t happily call a true friend for the rest of my life. But the vast gulf between the real people and the people who end up controlling them; driving the world’s financial markets into the despair; dropping bombs on countries they can’t point to on a map – these political elite have got to go. For everyone’s sake.

    If the only way to start down that path towards true representation, is for republicans to vote for a democrat, I can’t think of any one high profile American politician in the whole of my lifetime, who deserves their confidence, more than Mr. Obama. I’m sure John McCain is a very impressive guy, what with his service record and I know how much that means to people – but the fact is, his first executive decision as his party’s candidate, was to choose an ignoramus as his running mate, because she looks better than he does on camera.

    This is not exactly the politics of change we all deserve, regardless of whether we happen to be entitled to vote in this election or not, simply because of where we live in the world.

  22. Best. Porn. Ever. *wank*wank*

    :arrow: Sue, infamousqbert, Rogue Jew

    SRSLY? GTFO my internet you morons. This stuff is AWESOME!!! (Well, almost as awesome as this).

    …and what kind of backwater hick town does one have to come from to have the gall to use a word like “moonbat”? I’ve been seeing that word a lot lately.

  23. Does it really matter who gets into office? Honestly, vote for whoever is going to provide the most entertainment for the next four years. The President does very little for the political process of this country. The vice president does even less.

    It’s like a magic trick … watch what one hand is doing so that the other hand may pull all the strings.

    W was a hysterical puppet.

  24. I know what you’re getting at Roshkoch, but I don’t think there are too many families of dead soldiers laughing at him. To them he’s a war criminal. I think they deserve someone who is at least committed to the rule of law; someone who had to actually work and work fucking hard to get where he is. I take nothing away from McCain, I’m sure he’s a stand up fella – but his choice of VP is tragic.

  25. Jim Gardner, how do you figure his choice of a VP is tragic? At least his pick isn’t going around contradicting him and making a fool out of herself at every turn like Joe Biden. I mean it’s getting so bad that there are actually rumors of Biden being dropped from the ticket. The fact is that the leftists are sooooo upset that Palin has energized not only the conservative base but also many people that can just relate to her on a human level. Now you explain to me why picking her was tragic.

    I don’t understand your comment about someone working hard to get to where they are. Anyone who made it far enough to be one of the two major partys’ nominee for President has worked “fucking hard” to get there. Insofar as career politicians work hard that is.

  26. You can’t really lay all of the blame on Bush for the war. Bush is too stupid to orchestrate all of it. War is good for big business. Bush was just doing what he was advised to do. There are no legitimate cowboys or mavericks, or whatever, anymore. This world is shit. As long as wealth and prestige are the drug of choice then wars are bound to happen. I think war is shit, particularly, and I think that we should have kept our nose on our own problems.

    Anyway, to be on point – hysterical photo. I’m sure it won’t be the last to float around.

  27. But Bbestic, the fact you even had to qualify that by saying “Insofar as career politicians work hard” is exactly the problem. Most of them do exactly nothing, or considerably less than they should and everyone knows it. What has she REALLY done to deserve being where she now finds herself? People say, “she knows what it’s like to be a mother” like we’re supposed to be impressed by someone having the same instinct as everyone else, just because she dresses nice and points her finger at people in a passive aggressive tone of voice – a classic body language give-away of someone who is all broadcast and no receive. She is physically pushing her words down your throat until you swallow any thoughts of your own.

    My mother is the strongest woman in the world, but she wouldn’t be so presumptuous to say that because she knows how to change my shitty nappies (and that was just last week) she’s the person you want on the other end of the phone when the Russians come a-callin’ – which they are virtually guaranteed to do in a big fucking way in the first term of whoever gets elected. Those guys aren’t done by a long stretch – and you’re saying someone who can’t get enough grey cells together to understand grade school geography is the right person to deal with that? It beggars belief! It’s like a bad Nick Jnr. morality play.

    It’s tragic that having all the reasons why she is the last thing we need constantly pointed out to you constitutes the only point of dialogue between people on both sides of the debate are having. There are more pressing issues that we must all tackle together than the flotsam and jetsam the MSM dangle in our faces. If that’s what you mean by her having energised the core conservative voters, then in all sincerity I pity you, for clinging to such a tenuous thread; what a fingernail grip on the ledge you guys must have, to think so little of your fellow Americans that they should be fooled so easily into forgetting the last 8 months, let alone the last 8 years.

    It’s true that Bush can no more take the whole blame for Iraq than any one political party can for the criminals on Wall Street, but surely that’s the scariest thing. We’ve been hoodwinked into thinking who we elect means something, when in reality they’re just puppets like the rest of us. We sacrificed what little control we had on our democracy a long time ago – the least we can do is have well informed dialogue with each other, isolated from the white noise of what the big businesses who actually run the world, want us to focus on.

    You can’t get a cigarette paper between any of the candidates when it comes to the real issues that will effect real people. Obama and Clinton, the day after he clinched the crucial delegates, but she had yet to concede, for example; they might as well have been reading a speech written for McCain, when they addressed an American Israeli conference, on the unbreakable bond between Jewish settlers on Palestinian territory and their guaranteed protection by the United States. Voting is an illusion of choice – but it’s all we have. It would be morally wrong to waste that vote on a person who’s first executive decision in leadership of their party, is to pick someone they’ve clearly been told to pick by their puppet masters; their billionaire criminal friends who think they can take what the want, when they want it, and no-one will care for as long they can cling to their guns, their Maranatha churches and 150 channels of ‘celebrities on ice’.

    You are more than that. You deserve better than that. That’s why you should do what’s right for the greater good and elect someone who’s on your side, who sees the inadequacies in maintaining the status quo. Do you think McCain cares about you? That he has any idea what it’s like to have to count loose change together to buy a bottle of milk and a loaf of bread, a week before his next pay cheque? Do you think $50 a gallon of fuel would affect his life in any way shape or form? He has absolutely zero concept of what your life is like and if you think he does, you’re even more confused than you sound, when your only rebuttal is regurgitation; your received opinion of Joe Biden bares no truth, whatsoever.

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  29. great site. great commentary! i enjoyed the read. luckily we ended up with 8 years of obama instead of palin after all of this, but dear god do we have someone so much worse than all of them now combined!

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