Sean Carroll – “From Particles to People”


Occupy London bailiff drives into crowd of journalists while the police do nothing

Protestors in London attempted to take over an abandoned building and turn it into a bank of ideas. When they were evicted, one of the bailiffs who was being asked questions by journalists, suddenly jumped into his car and started driving at a crowd of protestors.


As the events were scaling down, at around 4am, one of the bailiffs who was being asked by journalists about the lack of identification, assaulted a photographer by punching him in the face, then got into his car and drove straight into a number of protesters and media at speed.
Having then taken a dead end, the bailiff ended up back in front of the media and protesters who tried to prevent him from leaving, at which point he accelerated into the crowd carrying one protester on his bonnet for 50 – 100 yards.

Throughout these incidents media and protesters requested the police take actions in regards to the crimes which were clearly being committed. At one point the police removed the keys from the driver of the car, only to return them to him, at which point he immediately accelerated into the crowd. The police actively cleared the path for an alleged criminal to leave a crime scene and refused to take crime reports from those that had been assaulted.