Federal investigators in Virginia have closed down Megaupload.com

MegaUpload was the 13th most popular website on the internet

Just one day after the 24 hour blackout protests, by Wikipedia, reddit and hundreds of other websites against SOPA / PIPA legislation, which proposes to introduce wide reaching censorship laws on the internet, MegaUpload.com, one of the biggest file sharing sites in the world, has been closed down.

Virginia prosecutors have charged the site’s founders with $500 million in lost revenue from pirated films and other content. www.nytimes.com, torrentfreak.com, Google News

By “other content” perhaps they mean the terabytes of files professional filmmakers and musicians have uploaded, over the last 5 years, to perfectly legally use the website as it was intended to be used, to share files essential to the creative process, which can’t be attached to an email because of their size?

Or perhaps they are referring to the millions of images and video clips which photographers and journalists have uploaded, to legitimately use the web site as a place to securely send information to news bureaus around the world, in countries where exercising your freedom of speech is as dangerous as it’s becoming in the US?

Who can say? What we can be certain of, is this is just the beginning. Up next: Rapidshare, FileFreak, MediaFire, YouSendIt.. ..it’s all going to come crashing down. And when they’re done with them, they’ll go for YouTube and Vimeo, LiveLeak, GrooveShark and beyond — anywhere which the SOPA / PIPA legislation gives them the right to act with impunity. No oversight. No trial. Just censored and gone, quicker than you can say Winston Smith.

By the way, MegaUpload have (or had) a complaints procedure clearly marked on their front page, which anyone who believed the website was being used to share copyright content could use, to issue a DMCA take-down notice, which the website would then respond to by immediately removing the offending content.

But let’s not quibble about that. Let’s focus instead on the fact that, apart from the fact the complete contents of the WikiLeaks cables were also hosted on MegaUpload, and pages and pages of documentation proving the Bush administration knew months in advance of it breaking in the press that soldiers were abusing inmates of Iraqi prisons, MegaUpload was also used by a tiny minority of people to download music and artworks which you can’t go out and buy even if you wanted to. Yeah, that’s the REAL story here. God damned pirates!!

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Your government is in control. Go back to sleep. Here’s 37 channels of Top Gear reruns. You are free, to do as we tell you. Sieg Heil!!

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