The beginning of the end for $ye ten Bruggencate

When $ye ten Bruggencate was first asked to remove a YouTube clip which contained content he didn’t have our permission to use, he promised to respond with evidence that we were in the wrong and he was in the right.

This evening he has posted an entry on his comment disabled blog, aimed at myself and my Podcast co-host, Alex Botten, which fundamentally fails to address this issue. He doesn’t even mention it. Instead, he chooses to focus on a time towards the end of last year, when we made the mistake of presuming he and Eric Hovind were interested in actual dialogue, as opposed to syllogistic wordplay and preaching provable falsehoods.

There are two possible explanations for this. One is that he knows full well he’s in the wrong with regard to using our content without permission, and he is beginning to regret making such a song and dance about it, now that he has been given the same legal advice as I have — which clearly shows he would be unsuccessful in any court of law, to show that he is entitled to commercially exploit something which he did not produce, even for promotional purposes.

The second possibility is related to a Facebook message I received yesterday, from a supporter of Crown Rights (the media organisation who ostensibly intend to release $ye’s upcoming DVD, for which the trailer contains our audio content without permission). The message was very straightforward. The person who sent it had looked into the facts surrounding this, and was extremely concerned by what they found.

$ye’s mask is beginning to slip. He has started to lie to too many people, all at the same time, and is losing track of what he’s said to whom and when he said it.

To anyone reading this from Crown Rights. Let me be perfectly clear. All we have EVER tried to say about $ye, Eric and the all too many charlatans like them, is that the first people they dupe, are those whose team they claim to be on. Please be extremely careful. These people are not your friends, and they do not share your true beliefs.

This, in other words, has nothing whatsoever to do with “dodging questions” which are of absolutely no interest to anyone other than $ye ten Bruggencate. It is to do with using our ability to think critically, so as to help people who cannot. That is why he spreads misinformation about us, because lying is the only method he understands. And he would say the same things about you, which he says about us, if he thought it was to his advantage to do so.

I don’t know which part of John 2:16 “Make not my Father’s house a house of merchandise” $ye believes doesn’t apply to him. But I do know what it means to people who genuinely believe it was said by Jesus, and these are the only people who can put an end to this insidious little man’s program of misinformation and blatant lies.

And yet according to $ye’s version of events, the reason we’re doing this, is because we want to silence Christianity, or champion an atheistic agenda. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone is perfectly entitled to believe whatever they want to believe. It is $ye who uses manipulative tactics, and these sorts of absolutist, black versus white, meaningless pseudo-philosophical arguments, in an attempt to coral the well meaning religious into a corner of his making; to emotionally manipulate them, using the language of Christianity, into feeling as if there is a “them and us” war between the religious and the non-religious, which only he is fit to wage on their behalf. He is not your champion. He is that which he wants you to fear.

That is the whole purpose of his “ministry”. It is not designed to foster understanding and common ground, it is design to engender the exact opposite. And the sooner his target audience realise that his money motivated ambition to join the ranks of Ray Comfort, Ken Ham and Kent Hovind is one of greed, lies and manipulation, the sooner the dollar signs will cease to spin in his eyes, and the reality of a modern more connected world, where people of his calibre are seen for what they truly are, will begin to dawn on him with the terrifying clarity he deserves.

Finally, speaking directly to anyone who has ever seriously considered that $ye’s “argument” might have some merit, and it is this which we are “running scared” from in our attempts to expose him for what he is. Please, consider the following. If you could prove Yahweh exists, you would no longer require faith to believe in Him. $ye doesn’t want you to have faith in God, he wants you to believe in $ye ten Bruggencate. This is the blatantly obvious scam at the heart of $ye’s entire, single track argument. And to those of us who have had the misfortune to deal with him directly, this is as plane as the nose on his money grabbing face. We have no reason to lie to any of $ye’s legitimately misled victims.

Do not hate $ye for what he is. Pity him for what he has the ambition to become.

Matt. 21:12

19 comments on “The beginning of the end for $ye ten Bruggencate

  1. Satan Baldingcrook has revealed his lies and dishonesty in such a way that we can be absolutely certain.

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