8 comments on “Are you ready to find out just how fucked we really are?

  1. Wow, for being an humanist, you do not have much confidence in them. Strangely, and hilariously, ironic. Funny how I am not worried, and you are the one promoting this doomsday scenario. Do you hold the sign that says “The End is Near” too? This is rich!

    That being said, this explanation is ONLY if you go on the assumption / bare assertion that oil is from Fossils.. It could be Abiotic oil. If it is abiotic oil then that would explain the peak in some areas but not in others, as abiotic oil acts as a lubricant for the earth crusts. It goes where it’s needed. Time will tell. http://bit.ly/Abioticoil

    Also, this is why people like Bill Gates, and many others, want to adopt a sterilization vaccine mandate, like in US history’s past, that will deem the masses unable to reproduce so they can enjoy this world for themselves, instead of everyone. You want to know why they wish to “save the planet?” This is that reason. Limited resources.

    So we will continue to have massive amounts of children, I have 6 thus far, and hope, and plead, that they all will do the same, so we can overthrow the people that want to eliminate us for selfish reasons. Strength in numbers, (that are armed).

    So we both say there will be an end. You proclaim human incompetence, we proclaim human’s judgment. I agree with the end of that footage though. It’s the Monsanto’s of the world, with their mono-crops and fertilizing poisons, that did the destroying. It’s the Atheistic belief in the cult of science that destroys.

    A strive to get back to the way God intended, a natural way of living, will indeed save us. As for our family, we do not depend on a society for our existence but depend on self sufficiency for our survival. We grow our own organic crops and are prepared to do so at a larger scale. We have many children to help in the farming, and building, that we may need. We love and KNOW God and bow to His plan. We are ready for the future with open arms. Are you?

    Revelation 6:14-17 says nope!

  2. I figure at least 6B of us are toast. Sorry we’re insisting on the heat sterilization of the planet. But only the strong will survive. It’s not just inevitable, it’s necessary for the evolution of the species. A lot tougher than World War Z, though. My sons were hoping for a zombie apocalypse. I noticed Maryland is in the zone where you could survive without heating or AC. Didn’t use AC the first 10y here, got down to 42F when the furnace failed in February. I can take down a squirrel at 75′, the chest is a 1″ target. Never had to hunt humans. They are big clumsy targets by contrast. But they can shoot back, so shoot, reload under cover, move, or die. Foxfire books explain how to make your own rifle barrels and powder. Better get reading and set up the forge. Best start collecting tire weights for bullets.

  3. So there are 6 humans with your chromosome deficient gene-profile out there? Well then I’m actually glad that the bat-shit crazy, squirrel hunting, survivalist will be around to thin the herd then. Ya’ll both why this species is doomed – stupid and crazy rule the planet.

  4. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched something so stupid..
    Refrigeration and our homes air conditioning is achieved by a process of heat exchange from the area you want to cool to the outside environment. You do not need oil to run the compressor in this system. You need ELECTRICITY.
    Our cars run on fossil fuels because that is how they are designed. There are patents out there for cars designed to run on liquid water by splitting water into its atoms(hydrogen and oxygen) which can then be combusted to drive the crank. You can split water into its atoms by ionizing it with ELECTRICITY.
    There are even patents for cars that do not even need an intake or exhaust and just ionize noble gases and return them to their regular state. Ionization expands the piston down driving the crank and as the piston comes back up, it compresses the ionized gas returning it to its original state so the process can be done again. This is achieved through ELECTRICITY.
    Guess who owns these patents? Oil companies.
    There are other ways to produce work than through fossil fuels. Electricity is also much simpler to generate. Literally all you need do to is move a magnetic and it produces electricity. And if you think electricity wont provide enough juice to do all the heavy lifting well guess what? There is a company now that discovered how to reduce an atoms electrons from the ground state(the lowest energy an electron is supposed to exist at) to an even lower energy state. So any energy you put into the system will output at least 2x the amount you originally started with and apparently this breaks the known laws of physics at the same time :) literally fuck off with the energy crisis bullshit…

  5. Kind of reminds me of when the flight attendant explains what to do when the plane is going down.

    Guess what, this plane is gonna crash.

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