I did a mini-cast

Sye posted another blog entry, which it was far easier for me to read out than it was to blog about.

FFSake JiMiniCast – Lie ten Bruggencate


4 comments on “I did a mini-cast

  1. Do you notice how Sye moves from a position that depends on deny that you can be argued with, that anything you say can be dismissed out of hand, that there is no common ground and starts…well.. arguing with you, accepting a basis for your statements (at least sufficient to call them false) and taking all sorts of things as common ground?

  2. He arbitrarily decides on an ad hoc basis what is permissible and what isn’t, depending on whichever lie you’ve caught him out on, and tries to make out that you’re the one who must account for his mistakes.

    In his world, he is literally incapable of saying anything which is false, because his ego has expanded to such a gargantuan scale, that whenever the gaping wide-open hole smack-dab in the middle of his entire argument is pointed out to him, he simply assumes that you’re incapable of understanding what he’s actually saying.

    In reality, few who have heard him are in any doubt whatsoever as to his basic truth-claim; which is that he is right, and if you don’t like it, you are wrong. End of story.

    Even spelling it out in these clear unambiguous terms doesn’t make any difference to Sye. Rather than pausing for a second to consider the possibility that he might not be taking the optimal approach to preaching what he believes; that he might consider a rethink of how he treats people — he instead just digs himself even deeper and waits for someone else to fall in the hole with him. Hence, Eric Hovind.

    This is evidenced by the fact, that the only thing he has by way of rebuttal to all of his many critics, is to accuse them of vitriol and hatred. This speaks volumes as to how sees the world, and I think he deserves genuine sympathy for it.

    But don’t get out your handkerchiefs just yet. Sadly, it is the case that this scam these two have cooked up between them, is selling like hotcakes at the rightwing, home schooled end of the “education” market. The only encouraging thing about this, is that as they grow, it’s only a matter of time before they’re given a full audit by the IRS, and when that time comes, this blog and many others like it will be among the first to pop up, when Googling his and Eric’s names.

    Public domain information about the tactics and modus operandi of Eric’s dad Kent helped contribute to his ultimate downfall, and it’ll contribute to Eric and Sye’s just as surely.

    The one thing about pathological liars, apart from that they actually deserve our pity, since it is a mental illness, is that eventually they lose track of who they’ve lied to and about what. Right now, Sye is in the denial phase, where he’s told the lie so many times, he actually believes it himself. He keeps track of the lies told here and the lies told there in fastidious detail — hence the run down of events as he sees them on his blog, linked in the main article.

    But his eagerness to wind up in court over this trifling matter is also extremely telling. They say that by the time they’re caught, prolific confidence tricksters experience illation and relief, that they don’t have to run anymore. Sye seems to be trying his damnedest to attract as much attention to his lies as possible, in a strange act of dualism — where on one hand he seems to think we’re oblivious to his actual motives, and on the other he believes that we attack his ideas, because we’re secretly frightened that he might have a point; that we’re secretly half convinced that he might be in communion with the creator of the universe.

    Why wouldn’t he begin to believe his own publicity, when there are so many people apparently willing to lap it up?

    His achilles heal is the sheer number of scammers who’ve come before him, who have all used the same techniques. This makes it easier to spot when someone else tries to go for a piece of the same pie. And while some of the more soft spoken liars for Jesus might slip under the radar as mere harmless cranks, Sye’s aggressive and hate fuelled tone, single him out for particularly close attention.

    The other particularly obvious thing about his actual source of “inspiration”, is how often he plagiarises criticism of him, by simply swapping out this word and that phrase for ones which appear to turn the attack back on his opponent. For example, I’ll give it a week before he uses these comments by me, as the template for an attack on me.

    He’ll take a few sentences from the first paragraph, and bolt them onto some pithy retort from somewhere else — such as the final line of this paragraph, for example. Then he’ll click ‘send’, and sit back to congratulate himself for being so clever in his dismantling of the nasty atheist’s screed, and play the hurt feelings card when it’s pointed out that all he’s done is argue black is white, without presenting any actual concrete evidence of anything.

    This speaks to something he has in common with many on the fire and brimstone side of the “debate”. They are extremely uninventive in their attacks on reason. Again, this is as obvious to anyone with basic critical thinking skills, as it is illusive to those already onboard with Sye’s particular type of personality cult. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by some of the actual Christians I regularly talk with either.

    They’re literally feeding off our interest in their activities. It’s as if we’re all in some weird tryst, where they’re determined to have their lies become accepted as fact, and we’re just as determined to point out how the scam works. Rinse and repeat.

    The hilarious thing is, all Sye had to do was admit he holds a faith based position, and none of this would have ever happened. I had prepared four pages of notes, in anticipation of the debate, most of which revolved around accepting that he is entirely free to hold a faith based position as the basic starting point for his worldview.

    The podcast would have literally taken an entirely different route, but for his inability to admit he doesn’t actually have a single shred of objectively valid evidence for Yahweh’s basic existence. He could have preached all he wanted, presented the rest of his argument (which as far as I am aware no-one has ever actually heard or read) and generally had a productive and cordial debate.

    But he decided instead, that enough was enough the instant I told him he couldn’t use our conversation for commercial purposes. Interesting, no?

  3. (I so want to reply just with “and how do you KNOW” that)

    It’s possible that he’s not a scammer genuinely deluded. Have a look at the story he tells at 12:45 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkQvDsBr3l4 It’s about a friend who says that he hates Sye’s schtick. Sye responds with…Sye’s schtick. The friend looks at his hands and gets up with tears in his eyes.

    Sye takes this as proof that his friend does know God. Most of us would take it as the response of someone who now knows that his friend has fallen irretrievably for a cult-like mode of thought.

  4. “It’s not difficult. Sometimes it’s as simple as saying that you know, that they know God exists”.

    Absolutely hilarious. He’s practised this phrase in the mirror so many times. He’s also either read some books on “how to sound sincere when speaking in public” or he’s channeling some pastor or inspirational speaker. But the eyes give it away. Every time he uses this one, in the back of his head there’s a thousand voices of everyone whose ever called him circular Sye.

    Even when he’s reduced someone to tears with his absolute gibberish, he sees it as a “hit”. He’s like one of these “mind readers” who begins to believe they really can speak to the dead, even though all their information is being fed to them down an earpiece. Actually Sye is probably more analogues to the ones who use cold reading techniques. “I’m getting a John. Anyone know a John? Joe? Jim? Tim? HIM! Yes, it’s HIM!! Praise Jebus!!”

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