Spam catcher

I thought that the recent flood of over 11.000 views and climbing, which this blog entry accumulated, would be a good chance to see how well Akismet comment spam catcher, which wordpress install by default on all hosted sites, manages to catch and prevent unwanted junk.

I noticed that quite a few genuine messages had been held for moderation (I really should check that thing more often) but that on the whole it performs well.

I apologies if you’ve posted a genuine comment and Akismet has stopped it, nevertheless. But please don’t let it put you off mailing me (link below) or trying to post your comments again, without any HTML (which seems to be the prime cause of false-positives).


4 comments on “Spam catcher

  1. however it is a shame that akismet, though it will note when our entries have been splogged and scraped, DOES NOTHING to keep our entries from being scraped and splogged…other than making our blog private or not letting the RSS feed work, there’s nothing that can be done to keep entries from being stolen by sploggers and scrapers.
    akismet is a great tool, yet only to alert us to spam and stolen entries only.


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