Sye ten Bruggencate: The turd that won’t flush

Bungle, out of Rainbow

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. You pull the chain to send your little brown bombs to the beach, and just as you’re washing your hands, up floats Bungle’s finger. So you wait for the cistern to refill, and pile on a few extra pages of blog roll, pull the chain, and “Eureka! It’s gone!”

Would that it were so easy with $ye. Like a buildup of pungent effluent, in the lavs outside Hardwick shops, the King of wishful thinking is evolving into a new species of bacteria, and becoming the massive cult leader we always knew he had ambitions of achieving. And by massive, I mean analogous to a three day buildup of chicken jalfrezi, post oesophagus.

After PZ Myers and picked up on the story, surrounding his illegal use of our content in a promotional video for his up-coming DVD release, tentatively entitled ‘I don’t know jack shit, and neither do you’, the $yentologists went into Bachman Turner Overdrive; leaping to his defence, and all without seeming to know anything at all about the actual depth of his lies.

Crown Rights, who think they’re going to release a DVD containing media which isn’t theirs to commercially exploit, under the Creative Commons Licence attached to all Fundamentally Flawed works, started posting on their Facebook about the article on reddit and PZ’s kind intervention. Pretty soon people who hadn’t read the details of the story, started commenting on the said Facebook post.

Among the usual flurry of “atheists are so hateful” and “sounds to me like they’re scared” gibberish, one Michael Alan Guilford had the simple honesty to point out that our grievance has nothing whatsoever to do with “hating God” but that $ye ten Buggerface was using something he was specifically told he didn’t have permission to use, and had simply lied about when he was told these specifics, and why he was told them.

What, do you think, L. Wrong Cupboard’s response to this was? Did he point Mr. Guilford towards the evidence he repeatedly claims to have, that he is allowed to commercially exploit our content without our permission? Did he respectfully suggest Michael look at things from another point of view perhaps? No. No he didn’t. He suggested, instead, that he would be angry if his brother in Christ; his customer in waiting, who had already bent over backwards to make clear that he was himself a bible believing Christian who meant no offence to $ye; he would be “angry” if it turned out that Michael was a “child molester”.

That’s right folks, if you dare to question circular $ye’s basic honesty, with regard to something he is provably wrong about, and for which you have publicly available documentation to back up, you’re the one who needs to change your mind and ignore the facts. Not $ye. No. YOU are the one who is wrong. $ycophant $ye is never in the wrong.

Don’t take my word for it. Here are the screenshots:

Crown Rights are clearly a group in need of a leader. Ironically, $ye was the natural selection. It’s rumoured that his arrival was foretold; that he would come like a thief in the night, to pilfer other people’s content and lie about where he “found it”, so that the single digit IQ brigade, or as $ye calls them his brothers and sisters in Christ, can self-confirm their preexisting opinions about him, and his “ministry”, and what it is exactly that he claims to have proof of, but refuses to ever demonstrate.

Let’s just remind ourselves, for a moment, of the love and devotion to the truth which these clodpate can enjoy under $ye’s tutelage — and doubt no further what $ausage ten Baguette’s actual motives really are.