If this video doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about the mentality of DICK HEAD HOMOPHOBIC FUCKING CHRISTIANS I don’t know what will

When they’re done with gays and lesbians they’ll start on other minority groups until the only people left are rightwing evangelicals just like them. And you know the worst part? They aren’t even ashamed to admit it. That’s what they actually want; a Christian world for Christian people. A flat, 6,000 year old planet populated entirely by magic bread eating, AIDS riddled, hypocritical douchnozzles so busy self-loathing they completely forget to obey the basic teachings of the faith they ram down everyone’s throat.

I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit—it’s the only way to be sure.

Now, look at the picture opposite. Matt Lucas is gay as the day is long. He plays gay in just about every role he does. He’s a brilliant comedian and funny precisely because he’s unashamedly camp as a row of tents. I’ve laughed at him endlessly since the days when he started on the Paramount comedy channel at 2 in the morning doing weird little vignette sketches which eventually became the huge comedy sensation ‘Little Britain’.

But at no time, in his long as successful career, have I ever looked at him and thought, “you know, I think I’ll take up the cock to be more like Matt Lucas”. I have never, for example, looked at him in his “only gay in the village” outfit and thought, “You know, to be popular with all my mates, I really should get into man love”. And there’s a very good reason for that. I’m not gay. I wasn’t born gay. Matt, on the other hand, was. And for that single difference between him and me, apparently, he deserves to die at the hands of the state.

No consideration for the kind of person he might be or the goodness in his heart. No accounting for the quiet dignity he showed when his partner, who lost his life to drugs, had his image splashed across the tabloids day after day. No recognition of his worth as person at all, on any level. He’s just “a gay”—who therefore deserves to die.

The anti-intellectual hatred of these fucking morons sickens every fibre of my being.