Mark 10:21


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  1. So what comfort does the Atheist have for that child?

    Tough luck? Too bad? That’s the way it goes? That’s all that’s left for you.

    “You see, as an Atheist, [Jim] has nothing to offer. Because if there is no God then we are trapped in a world filled with senseless and unreadable suffering with absolutely no hope from deliverance of evil. For the Christian, God does exist, evil and suffering can result in the greater good and there is hope and meaning for the future because life doesn’t end in the grave.

    I know your doubts are heartfelt and not easy to reconcile but I believe God can give you satisfying answers and ultimately, Christianity can stand up to its toughest objections.

    I want to leave you with a promise from scripture that helped me with doubts of my own. I hope you take to heart, the words from Proverbs 2:3-5 “and if you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding, and if you look for it as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure, then you will understand the fear of the LORD and find the knowledge of God.”

    Yes, evil exists. The problem is that you cannot say that it does within your worldview. Otherwise you would be appealing to a moral law or standard that your worldview cannot account for.

  2. “So what comfort does the Atheist have for that child?”

    The atheist, if he or she is a decent human being, gives to charity and helps that child eat, survive, get an education, live a full life.

    Really, Dan, what else did you think we’d say? And shut the fuck up about worldviews, it’s very very boring.

  3. I have such difficulty with other Christians like debunking atheists because when pressed on the “greater good”, the character of God is mangled in order to sustain a so called docrtine of love. Of course being a Christian Universalist leaves me with room for human intuition.

    DA, are you a Calvinist? It sounds like you are.

  4. So why is that child like that? If you gave charity then he should not look like that. So what charity did you give to in order to help that child, if any?

    Granted my post was for a dying child when I quoted it. For a dying child, of cancer lets say, that is all you have to offer. “Tough luck? Too bad? That’s the way it goes? That’s all that’s left for you.”

    >>The atheist, if he or she is a decent human being, gives to charity and helps that child eat, survive, get an education, live a full life.

    You’re so blind its not funny. I am sure you consider yourself “a decent human being” by giving your cash, but we have a picture of a child suffering. So help is not being given, obviously. Why is that? I will tell you.

    Cartels are taking the rice and food donated and selling it to feed their wars, not the village. You refuse to look at the evidence. When you donate money you are literally funding the cartels. So live with that you “decent human being”. That poor kid suffering is the results of EVIL HUMANS you as a humanist celebrate. You celebrate, and prop up, what is wrong with the world. Evil men. Your worldview cannot even say things like “if he or she is a decent human being” because you’re appealing to a moral standard, or law, like I said.

    In fact, did you read that study that the “poor” here in the US are far better off then the median of Europe? The report said that the “poor” kids here have three meals a day have cable TV, have clothing, have video games (xbox) and a roof and a bed. So obviously we are taking care of our people more then you are.

    Why are there NOT pictures like that in the US? Because we actually DO help the children and feed them and get a roof over their heads. We DO NOT give money to cartels to fund wars, as you just admitted to.

    You see, we formed a nation that we hold “truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights” Its the reason why we fought your oppressive king. Its why our Churches have ministries in those countries to aid them at great expense. Christians are being persecuted and killed for their beliefs, yet they still go over there, unafraid.

    So keep sending your demon cash to the cartels to fund getting weapons to attack their own people. I am sure your few dollars, you personally donate, will fund a good sized machete to take down a Christian. Celebrate mankind, as you do with your atheistic religion. Secular Humanism, yahoo!


    I am a follower of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that is why I identify myself as a Christian. I do not follow some fallible dude named John, therefore I do not consider myself a Calvinist though we may have some things in common. Worshiping Jesus, being one of them.

  5. We have been through all of this already as we have a history together a bit. You know full well that its through God’s both natural ans special revelation that we KNOW God exists. The revelation is not something you can escape. Even if you deny a special revelation, like the Bible, you are still in the world of natural revelation. This just reminded me of something Bahnsen said.

    “Man was created as the image of God (Gen. 1:16-27) and thus cannot escape the face of God. There is no environment where man can flee to escape the revelational presence of God (Ps. 139:8). God’s natural revelation goes out to the end of the world (Ps. 19:1-4) and all people see His glory (Ps. 97:6). Therefore, even when living in open (idolatrous) rebellion, men are in the condition of “knowing God” (Rom. 1:21)—the living and true God, not merely “a god.” Christ enlightens every man (John 1:9), and so Calvin declares: For we know that men have this unique quality above the other animals, that they are endowed with reason and intelligence and that they bear the distinction between right and wrong engraved in their conscience. Thus there is no man to whom some awareness of the eternal light does not penetrate…the common light of nature, a far lowlier thing than faith (Calvin’s Commentaries, tr. T.H.L. Parker; Grand Rapids: Eerdmans 1959).” ~Bahnsen, Greg; Booth, Robert (2011-03-03). Always Ready: Directions for Defending the Faith (Kindle Locations 602-609). Covenant Media Press. Kindle Edition.

    In other words, you know He exists and by crying “where is the evidence” is denying your own existence. Its absurd to reason with someone that is actually denying their own existence, all the while, demanding evidence for God.

    So the “objectively verifiable evidence” that you so seek is you and the world around you.

  6. DA, what’s the name of the cartels? If the Cartels are taking all the money why do they need to steal food. George Bernard Shaw once said “the lack of money is the root of all kinds of evil.”

    You sound like your just making stuff up to try to prove Jim is wrong in everything he thinks and does – that to me is silly.

  7. In a 2006 Barna Group survey, Americans who profess no faith (atheist, agnostic, irreligious, etc.) in that year donated seven times less ($200) than those with an active faith ($1,500). Remove donations to the church from the equation and those with an active faith still gave twice as much. There were some in these two groups who failed to donate anything that year; 22 percent of the no faith segment failed to donate anything that year, three times more than the active faith segment (7 percent failed to donate anything). According to a study by Robert Putnam (Harvard University) and David Campbell (University of Notre Dame), people of faith are roughly four times more likely to be involved in their community (work on community projects, belong to voluntary associations, attend public meetings, vote in local elections, attend protest demonstrations and political rallies, donate time and money to causes—including secular ones—and so forth). They also found that 40 percent of Americans who regularly attend church service volunteer regularly to help the poor and elderly, whereas only 15 percent of those who never attend religious service do. In fact, ironically the faithful also give more money to secular causes than do secular Americans. Arthur C. Brooks, in a piece for Policy Review commenting on data collected in 2000 by the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, observed that the faithful are more likely (91 percent) to donate money than the faithless (66 percent); they are also more likely (67 percent) to volunteer their time (44 percent). Religious Americans, he said, “are more likely to give to every kind of cause and charity, including explicitly non-religious charities.” ABC News likewise reports that the faithful are not only more likely to give to charity but also to give four times as much money.

    And so on…

  8. Last year the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gave $36.7 billion… …that billion with a ‘B’, by the way, towards a program to eradicate Malaria by 2015. Gates is agnostic on the existence or non-existence of any gods, but he’s quoted as saying he can think of a million and one things he’d be better off doing on a Sunday than going to church.

    Medicine Sans Frontier – one of the largest charitable organisations in the world. Alongside the red cross, it’s given unique access to some of the most war torn nations on earth specifically because it is a non-Christian, secular organisation and therefore not seen as crusading Christianity in predominantly Muslim nations.

    Norway, Finland and Sweden are among the wealthiest nations on earth. They have the lowest teenage pregnancy rates, lowest unemployment, highest quality of life, a virtually non-existent homelessness problem and the fairest gross average income to taxation ratio anywhere in the world. They also have the least religious population in the industrialised world, with fewer than 20% regularly attending church. Of those who do, the vast majority practise a doctrine of personal responsibility and place very little emphasis on the bible.

    In September, 2010 the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, published the findings of a U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey. Of the 3,412 people sampled, four-in-ten Catholics (45%) did not know that their church teaches that the bread and wine used in Communion do not merely symbolise but actually become the body and blood of Christ. 53% of protestants didnʼt know who Martin Luther was. 47% didnʼt know the Dalai Lama is Buddhist and fewer than 38% associated Vishnu and Shiva with Hinduism. 48% said they “seldom” or “never” read books or visit websites about their own religion and 70% said they seldom or never read books or visit websites about religions other than their own. Overall, protestants and Catholics were the lowest scoring group in the survey with an average score of 11. Jews, atheists and agnostics were the highest scoring group with an average score of 20. The report found that “atheists/agnostics and Jews stand out for high levels of knowledge about world religions other than Christianity [and also] score at or above the national average on questions about the Bible and Christianity.”

    In the US there are an average of 3667 crimes per 100000 people, per year. In “The New Criminology” by Max D. Schlapp and Edward E. Smith, the authors surveyed religious affiliation among prisoners in gaols across America. What they found appears to challenge the assumption that those who are without religious guidance of some kind or another are inherently lacking a moral compass and therefore more likely to commit crime.

    Prisoners on death row, for example, who were executed for murder, were 65% Catholic, 26% Protestant, 6% Hebrew and 2% Pagan. Less than one third of 1% were atheist. In 1997 the Federal Bureau of Prisons found that 39.1% of prisoners were Catholic, 35.8% were protestant, 7.2% were Muslim and just 0.209% of the prison population were of no religious affiliation, below Buddhists at 1.180% and Jews at 1.773%

    Religiosity is a lifestyle choice, not a moral imperative.

  9. Dan, evidence that these cartels are stealing food from recognised charities, or STFU. Oh, and you should google ‘child poverty in america’, you’ll find the USA ISN’T the great land you think it is.

    Also, why did your god give that child cancer in the first place?

  10. >>Dan, evidence that these cartels are stealing food from recognised charities, or STFU.

    Listen sad little men of denial, it was all over the news for years, but here is just the recent about it.

    More news about the internal government’s people stealing, “. According to reports, Kenya police continue to burn homes, steal food and confiscate mobile phones to restrict communication throughout the region…”

    Yet they claim it was from “others” ” Meanwhile, Kenyan police have arrested 24 local traders for allegedly stealing and selling food aid intended for the drought victims in Garissa town, about 300 kilometers (185 miles) northeast of Nairobi, government spokesman Alfred Mutua said. In addition, they recovered 500 bags of beans intended for drought relief that had been repackaged to be sold. “The government will ensure that no food meant for hungry people is diverted,” Mutua said. “This is an isolated case and the government reacted immediately because it takes the issue of providing food to the hungry seriously,” he said, adding that police were moving to dismantle a cartel suspected of stealing food aid.

    Your binders are noted though. Its common KNOWLEDGE that its being done. “Tens of thousands of desperately hungry Somalis displaced from the drought-stricken south are not receiving the food aid meant for them. Gunmen have set up unathourised refugee camps in Mogadishu just to steal the food delivered by humanitarian agencies. It is believed the food is being sold on the local markets.”

    The point is that the aid is NOT getting to the kids. These thugs are stealing everything and leaving the kids to starve. Then evil men take picture of these kids and softly plead with you on late night TV to “Feed these poor kids” and take your money to give the organization CEO’s millions in salary and even more in bonuses for their success in taking your money for those AD campaigns. THIS is why the Bible calls your so called “charity” filthy rags. Isaiah 64:6

    >>Also, why did your god give that child cancer in the first place?

    You have Adam to thank for that. It was mankind’s corruption, and desire to eliminate God from their lives, that got us in this mess in the first place. Creation fell when Adam fell, therefore sin, so to speak, killed creation. As a result, we live in an imperfect world, with the effects of sin running through it. We see that the universe is running down. That is, everything is moving toward chaos, becoming less organized.

    Furthermore, because sin is in the world, mankind is unable to live in harmony. Nations rise against nations, and peoples against peoples. War and conflict occur with the loss of life, and with injuries to those who survive. Devastation is left in its wake. We are going to war with Iran very soon it appears. Are you ready?

    Blame your denial of God for all of this. Why does that little child have cancer? Look in the mirror.

  11. Dan, I have blogged about your comment/post, in my reply I express what I think of you in colourful expletives. http:/

  12. This comment was being held for moderation because there are more than three links in it, which triggered the spam bot. I was away from my main machine and couldn’t approve it via my iPhone. Sorry for the delay.

  13. >>This comment was being held for moderation because there are more than three links in it, which triggered the spam bot.

    My apologizes Jim. My bias, lack of that rule knowledge, and Alex’s history with Sye, got the best of me. Freedom of speech restored!

    You can mark on the vast empty black board, of things I got wrong, with one single tick mark. :7)

  14. “and Alex’s history with Sye”

    What, my ‘history’ of eventually getting fed up of Sye spamming my blog and deleting his duplicated messages? My ‘history’ of finding your BFF to be an unbearable dickbag who needs deleting or blocking due to his childishness? That history?

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