Justin Brierley’s Unbelievable airs today

You might want to check out Justin’s podcast for Premier Christian Radio today. I’m on and, I think, three other atheists. It was pre-taped and I didn’t hear the rest of the show. Hopefully I gave enough to get tongues wagging, without breaking into the whole ‘angry atheist’ schtick too heavy.


If Justin will have me back sometime, perhaps to discuss with David (the show’s apologist in-chief) the answer I gave in an email after the conversation took place, I’d be happy to do that. There’s also an open invitation to David and Justin to come and talk on Fundamentally Flawed.


5 comments on “Justin Brierley’s Unbelievable airs today

  1. Thanks, Dan. I was keen not to try and cram too much in, for fear of encroaching on other people’s time, but I hope to make my follow-up point sometime soon.

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