I’ve been working on something I’d appreciate some feedback on


‘Something from nothing’ is an attempt to put into as simple terms as possible some of what I’ve been reading and thinking about on the origin of the universe. It attempts to address some of the seemingly more sophisticated arguments for the existence of God.

The first chapter sets out the theme for subsequent essays in the series and deals with the invocation of quantum mechanics by practitioners of psuedo-science.

Please share the file with whomsoever you think might like it and direct all feedback either here or to thatjim@gmail.com

Thanks and enjoy!


4 comments on “OR NOT AND

  1. I agree with you that the observer effect is used and abused by the new age movement. I don’t think you should use ‘homoeopathic natural remedies’ and ‘natural remedies’ as interchangeable though. To ‘debunk’ the latter will be a mammoth task, whereas the former is ready and ripe for ridicule.

    If you want actual critique I think this chapter would benefit from a rewrite once you have all of the other chapters finished. Then you could lay out your premise and the structure of your attempt to prove that premise in a more concise way. At the moment I think there are too many unnecessary sentences.

    Just my opinion.

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