Please don’t feed the troll: The Video Blog

I’m starting a new video blog to shamelessly promote my free book, Please Don’t Feed The Troll. Here’s the trailer, featuring Joe’s latest project, entitled Grand Reality—a free book (gee, let me think where he got that idea) which sets out to prove with science that human beings have only been around since the agricultural age.

Joe’s original video:

Joe is charging $2.99 for his “free” book


10 comments on “Please don’t feed the troll: The Video Blog

  1. So you mean you intended to mock yourself? Don’t you think it’s amusing that the ‘troll’ has now actually had to block you from his twitter? I mean, you didn’t just feed the troll, you out-trolled him too!

    BTW, you can clearly see that the $2.99 is for shipping and handling. If you were offering your pamphlet in print, would you post it for free?

  2. No, Michael, Joe blocked everyone who reported him for sending porn to a minor. It had nothing to do with the whole “Jesus made the world 5 minutes ago” shite he spews. As for charging $2.99 for US shipping or $5.99 for overseas, last time I checked this isn’t free, as your boy Joe says it is. All he had to do was put a PDF on his website, but he wanted to be able to say on video that it’s free—when it isn’t—so he looks good in front of people who don’t find out for themselves what a dirty little puke he is. He’s a pathological liar.

    As for charging to print, I’m not sending out my book in the post by hand, Joe is. That’s why he’s charging for postage through PayPal and not just using cafepress or lulu. There are four different ways anyone and everyone can read my book for free, instantly, because I actually want people to read it. Joe is asking $5.99 for an overland delivery of an A4 print out because he only wants other redneck Jesus freaks to read it. There’s you’re clue as to who’s mocking who.

  3. Don’t get confused. Joe is not my boy. He’s a moron.

    You however are not, but are still wasting your time on him.

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  5. That was great. I’m continuously impressed by how easily evolution is misrepresented in all manners of hi-tech graphics.

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