My book is finished – Please don’t feed the troll

I finally got around to finishing my book! You can read it here or download the PDF by clicking here, or download the eBook version kindly converted and formatted by Mike Wagner by clicking here, or pay for a paperback copy at’s minimum rate of £15.35, which is about $24 US.

I know this is a bit expensive, but in the interest of clarity I should point out I am not making any money from this personally and the £15 charge is simply the flat rate charge for full colour printing.

You don’t have to pay anything for the PDF. It is free.

Let me backtrack and explain what this is all about for those of you going, “huh?”

When I purchased Joker Joe’s pamphlet (see here if you’re still no clearer) some people complained that giving the guy money merely encouraged him—gave him an air of respectability he doesn’t deserve.

To offset this (karmically speaking) I said, when I first began the video reviews of Joe’s book, that I would write a reply, of sorts, not specifically to Joe (since he wouldn’t understand it if I did) but as a sort of rhetorical response to the liars at AiG and The Discovery Institute, Ray Comfort and Kent Hovind who converted him and thousands like him to young-earth creationism in the first place.

Here it is in eBook format thanks to Mike Wagner:

Here is that book in paperback:

Here is the free PDF download of that book:

Here it is on (recommended):

The idea is that, if you download it for free, you should donate whatever you can afford to a charity of your choice. I personally try to support UNICEF whenever I can—which isn’t often enough, but hopefully if enough of you, out there, who have been kind enough to contact me over the last few months, since I started the video reviews of Joe’s book, dip into your pockets, we might turn a negative into a positive and raise some money for a good cause.


If you want to download the free PDF and can’t afford to give anything to charity, and you enjoy the book, please try to do something for someone you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Wash a neighbour’s car or buy a homeless person a meal. Anything that Joe Clowncarski asserts that the non-religious are incapable of doing will be just fine.

If you want to spread the word about this book and who it is aimed at, who inspired it and why, please don’t share the PDF on BitTorrent or any other file sharing hosts. The reason for this, is I would like to track how many people have downloaded it and so have a rough idea of how much we have raised for charity. The logic being that if 10 people download the PDF and give £1 or $2 each, we’ve more than offset the cost of buying Joe’s “book” and restored the balance of cosmic karma.

So, by all means, please Tweet, Facebook, Reddit, Digg and generally spread the word about this, but please link to either this page or direct to the store page above, if you want to help out.

Thanks and enjoy!


5 comments on “My book is finished – Please don’t feed the troll

  1. I will reassign the $100 I have waiting for redistribution in my Kiva account in honor of your book’s “publication”. Which, by the by, far outstrips Peaches’.

  2. Hey Jim –

    Just downloaded the book and am looking forward to reading it.

    Also wanted to share that I recently re-read Douglas Adama’ ‘The Salmon of Doubt’ – the one that collected various bits and pieces of Adams’ writing, posthumously – and there are a couple of fantastic pieces in there, particularly the transcript of an interview with Atheist Magazine.

    Two things stood out for me:

    1. His reminder that in the UK, there isn’t really any controversy or stigma attached when a public figure talks openly about being an atheist. As someone who is fairly active in social media as part of my job/livelihood, I know that from time to time I’ve censored myself just in case my anti-religion stance ‘offended’ clients. So I’m going to stop doing that.

    2. He talks a lot about why society has decided that you have to respect people’s views on religion, no matter how crazy they are. In other words – and I’m paraphrasing here – if someone says something like “I believe is an invisible green leprechaun dancing on my shoulder,” we don’t have to ‘respect’ that belief because it’s patently erroneous.

    The whole thing reminded me that the argument “I believe in the green leprechaun, and belief is always a virtue, so it’s not up to me to prove the leprechaun is there, it’s up to YOU to prove that it’s NOT…” just doesn’t wash. And in fact people who go through life seeing or hearing things that are not there are generally diagnosed with schizophrenia and put on meds, asap.

    Anyway, looking forward to the book, and don’t forget to send a copy to Stephen Fry!


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