Atheism is a religion by Joe Cienkowski: A Video Review. Part 6

With special guest star @phonicsey a.k.a. our Lucy off of we take one more journey down insanity lane with the self-styled debunker of the sciences and defender of the indefensible, Joker Joe Cienkowski, PhD, MD, USB.

In this fun packed instalment, Lucy discovers that not believing in something means you believe in everything, Jim learns the true meaning of life and we all learn something new about the Dali of denialism, Ken Ham—the inspiration behind Joker Joe’s discovery of real science, when he was staring at the wrong end of a prison stretch for knocking out reefer and selling stolen goods, coincidentally around about the same time he found Jesus.

Watch parts 1 to 5 here

EDIT: Massive thanks to @AtheistRE @jeanybeany80 @Nickdrumr2 @mindymayhem and @AssassinGrl for their help in the making of this clip, but I forgot to edit in on-screen captions with their twitter names. I’m really sorry guys, I’ll remember next time, I promise. If YOU would like to appear in a future video send me a clip of yourself saying “Joe, you’re wrong” to and I’ll do my best to be more organised about the whole thing next time.


8 comments on “Atheism is a religion by Joe Cienkowski: A Video Review. Part 6

  1. Big love.

    Honestly don’t know how you made it through but good on ya!


    JOE. You’re wrong.

  2. Is it wrong of me to have expected the strains of ‘our tune’ (for those not familiar with BBC radio 1 of the 80’s to be played when you were reading his devotional comments re: Ken Ham?

    I would ask to borrow the book, but I see that it is of such value you’d never let it out of your sight.

    To allow Joe to understand the following statement I have punctuated it as he would.

    Joe. You, are wrong)?


  3. Um…

    I haven’t been here in a while (sorry) but now that I am, I am a bit confused as to why you’re giving this guy so much airtime. He’s got a handful of followers on Twitter and he’s essentially saying that if you can’t prove there isn’t an invisible green leprechaun dancing on your head, then (a Christian) god must exist. And that if you can’t prove the invisible green leprechaun isn’t there, then you are immoral.

    When other people write booklets on this stuff, we shake our heads, wish someone would force them to take their meds, and keep walking. So why is this guy getting, like, 5 videos?

    Perhaps I’ve missed something…?

  4. Sarah W. I guess it’s a twitter thing, but if you don’t keep up on it I can see how this looks a little odd. Top and bottom of it is, Joe isn’t a Christian. He’s a con man we’re trying to expose so that as few people as possible fall for his scam. He has dreams of being the next Ray Comfort or Ken Ham, but he’s an ex-con who can’t read, write or think. The plan is rather than letting him divide people over pseudo-Christian lies we’re using him as a catalyst for constructive debate about the facts, i.e., the last thing people like him want to happen.

    As for words fail me, but you can bet your sweet fanny that Joe thinks it’s a great idea.

  5. I got that it was a Twitter thing – I do a fair amount of tweeting/ghost-tweeting – but he’s only got a handful of followers on Twitter (which I’m taking as an indication that he hasn’t got many ‘followers’ in real life either) so I didn’t know why you were wasting so much time ‘exposing’ him.

    There are lots of other Twitterers I find MUCH more offensive – the ones whose Twitter profiles say stuff like “Internet marketing guru, blessed with a beautiful wife and children, and proud Christian”, have 20,000 followers, and whose tweets alternate between ‘online marketing tips’, Bible-verse quotes, and links to pro-Palin blogs. That kind of thing is MUCH more dangerous, because it masks Joe C.-type thinking with a veneer of sanity/virtue – and no one calls them out on it for fear of it reflecting badly on their business. (Remember, the fastest-growing group of Twitter users are the 30-49 crowd who are using it to build brands/personal brands. And in North America, coming out as anti-Christian can have a huge effect on your bottom line. There’s a resaon pop stars are always saying they feel ‘blessed’ and thanking god on awards shows.)

    And as for the Christian Domestic Discipline stuff: I’d like to see THAT topic prompt some discussion, because it’s essentially domestic violence, also masked with a thin veneer of virtue. Don’t know if you spent any time reading the ‘true stories’ or blogs by women in CDD relationships, but the narrative is CLASSIC battered-woman narrative. The self-blaming, the subjugation, the insistence that it’s normal and healthy and necessary and positive – it’s like reading a transcript of a therapy session with a woman who’s in (or just escaped from) a highly abusive relationship.

    I dunno…I guess I tend to get more worked up over stuff like CDD because I can see real, tangible consequences of it, whereas I feel that someone like Joe C is just a crackpot who’s so marginal that his delusions won’t hurt anyone anyway.

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