A quick video update

This past week in the weird world of Joe Cienkowski


2 comments on “A quick video update

  1. At 3:18, you started talking about the book “Making of the Fittest”, and I found myself curiously fascinated by your hand on the steering wheel. The way it rested there, palm curved, thumb outward, I found myself recalling a TV show I’ve been watching called “Chimp Eden”, and just how amazing the similarities are between chimps and ourselves.

    Now I’m looking at my own paws. To think… there is a common ancestor, where the genetic tree splits, and over a million years (is my timing on that correct), it leads to ME… is trippy. What gives me wonder and astonishment breeds discomfort in religious people… its not special enough to be human… but your existence can’t have any ‘animal’ connection. In some ways, I wonder if the human mind isn’t just innately egotistical that humans created religious systems and mythology as a way to puff themselves up and explain their culture/ethics/etc. Egg before the chicken, perhaps?

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