Atheism is a religion by Joe Cienkowski: A Video Review. Part 4


14 comments on “Atheism is a religion by Joe Cienkowski: A Video Review. Part 4

  1. Thanks for making my laugh my ass off RIGHT BEFORE You started laughing your ass, RIGHT AFTER you ate the banana. I need the laugh. Had a bad day! :) (Still laughing)

    *(still laughing)….

  2. Oh geez… my grammar is horrible in that last post! Maybe I’ve been listening to much to bad Englishes in Joe’s book!

  3. Aside from your attention grabbing conclusion, I love the cartoon in the beginning. As a school teacher, I frequently recite the pledge and have always omitted the Under God part because I find it offensive. I find the pledge offensive anyway (mandating children pledge their loyalty to a government is just a little too freaky for me) but toss in mandatory words about how the country is ‘under god’ is just too much for me to be nicey-nicey and ignore. In 3 years, no one caught me (for lack of a better word) abstaining from the two words. Like most rote recitations, I hardly think anyone was paying attention anyway.

  4. Given the encouraging if gradual rise in numbers of Americans who proclaim no religious affiliation in recent years, Kim, I don’t think you’re on your own there.

  5. Joe failed Bio, humanities, and English.

    Can someone please tell Joe that we are created, and then we evolve. Maybe then he can grasp his origins. Joe? what is the/your definition of “conception”?

    I keep looking for Joe on the Canadian TV show, “Trailer Park Boys.”

    All my barf bags are full. Thanks for the banana Jim!

  6. Your mind is a giant, wonderful playground. Thanks. I will never look at a banana again without laughing. How are you going to manage the other 40 pages of that ‘book?’

    All that said, one has to give our Peachy buddy kudos for managing to get more than four pages out of that shite. Seriously… he found ways to say the same thing over and over across 40 pages. He must have driven his teachers at school crazy.

    I’m going to start looking for people who went to school with that idiot. I’d love their take on what kind of ‘guy’ he is. I’m wagering some fun comments will arise.

  7. A very subtle way of indoctrinating people is to convince them it is the ‘normal’ way of behavior, and then name all the opposing behaviors and slam them as aberrant and/or irrational. Language is power; words confine the mind to specialized slants of interpretation. I remember in Catechism class asking what an Atheist was because I wasn’t exactly sure, and being pounced upon with a very clear, denigrating definition. It was clearly the worst thing one could be. I’m a pretty forgiving individual, so even then in 8th grade, I just pitied Atheists as people who needed more evidence to believe and couldn’t do it on faith alone. Yeah, I actually viewed reason and evidence as stumbling blocks — but only in my schema of religion. In any other subject matter, I questioned and probed issues, but with religion, the rules about having faith were lauded like a talent. I wielded my faith with the same pride as I wielded my talents in singing or piano. It was something only *I* could conjure, and it was kind of magical the way I felt when I’d go to Church and really get that zip of joy in my heart.

    Think Joe is addicted to the voltage of being “christian”?

    I tried talking myself back into it at one point, and being Intellectually honest, just couldn’t. But I tried, because I missed the comfort, and didn’t know how to deal with life’s difficult moments without it. I’m giving the benefit of the doubt here, but I think when people reach adulthood and religion no longer fulfills them but they still want that comfort it provided in childhood (and feelings of belonging, community, family, familiarity), people start justifying all the holes in religious dogma. Is this book Joe’s way of attacking/justifying the holes in religion in order to feel secure about religion?

    No… probably just to make money. (It can’t hurt, can it!?)

  8. Google Space Robot Spiritual by The Second Hand Pants, and don’t forget to flip the switch before you…

  9. I just thought we could have some levity & get away from the best before dates on all the expired fruits!

  10. But the profoundly beautiful thing about waking up in a universe free of superstition is the part about being religion free, which I think we sometimes do a pretty bad job of explaining, Kaybee. We all remember that day in school when atheism was defined as the religion of the devil; one in the same with satanism and voodoo, but I don’t think we do a very good job “out there” of illustrating to the religious why we’re not the ones missing out on something profound, just because we don’t pretend to know the answer to questions it is impossible to know. You yourself are a wonderful example of someone who can go from thinking one way to another precisely because you developed critical thinking skills, not because you lost your faith but because you gained reason.

    I think their monopoly over (for want of a better word) the spiritual aspect to being alive, is in decline—hence the rise in very visible, fundamentalist evangelicalism versus the steady decline in moderate haven’t really thought about it habitual church goers. But I also think these modern day, internet savvy extremists are more entrenched in dead-end notions, such as creationism, than their predecessors were—who at least had the temerity, for example in the case of Francis Schaeffer, to see how their ideas had become hijacked and whose son Frank is boldly attempting to call a halt to the movement his father started.

    This new breed of politically motivated religionists are far harder to challenge than the low hanging fruit like Juanita Berguson and Joe Cienkowski because they hide behind our innate fear of “the others”—they are “our lunatics” rather than Islamist lunatics. They almost seem to depend upon our response to their actions in order to justify their continuation. This insidious “well we may be mad, but at least we’re not banning cartoons of Jesus mad” appeals to our good nature, as if there’s a level of their intolerance we should turn a blind eye toward, if those of us religion-free want to be taken seriously in our call for peace, love and understanding, without the threat of eternal damnation for the sin of thinking clearly.

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