The letter Juanita Berguson doesn’t want you to see

Juanita Berguson fell into the Poe trap some of us set-up to parody Joe Cienkowski on Twitter and now she feels stupid. So instead of admitting she made a mistake by jumping to conclusions, she’s looking to blame somebody else for her lack of intellectual curiosity by polling her users on whether or not to sue fake Joe.

You can see a full screenshot of her post opposite, without going to kindly sent to me by @valiaj

I asked Heidi (@heidiraff) to post the message below to Juanita’s website on my behalf, to set the record straight, but in keeping with her long standing hatred of transparent and open debate, Juanita has removed the post and banned Heidi from the website. So I’m reprinting it here in the hope that some of you might pop over to the original thread and make sure everyone following the story is aware of this non-insane explanation for Juanita’s continuing lack of honesty. Thanks!

Dear Juanita and Kingdom Insight users.

Once upon a time I used to post here, but was banned by one of Juanita’s business partners because I posted links to comments he made on my blog, in which he used threatening and abusive language on an article I wrote about the unfair treatment I received when I took part in one of Juanita’s radio podcasts. So I’ve asked a friend of mine to post this message on my behalf, to set the record straight about this latest debacle.

As you may know, Juanita uses Twitter to attract users to her brand. By her own admission she does this in an aggressive manner to provoke a response. Twitter is very commonly used in this way, due to it’s somewhat limiting nature of only allowing 140 characters of text at a time.

About 5 weeks ago, another user of Twitter who adopts a similar approach to self-publicity, began posting links to his self-published book, in which he claimed to present “scientific evidence proving that Darwinian evolution by natural selection is a lie”. At first he blended in with all of the other weirdos and no-one paid too much attention. But then he began posting increasingly strange messages with such regularity, while showing little or no interest in sensible conversation with the very people he was attacking, that some began to suspect that he was operating what’s known as a Poe account—a comic or satirical, often dark parody of someone who holds extreme views, which is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. (Google Poe’s Law)

Soon a number of similar accounts began to surface and an in-joke began to spread among a growing number of people. Each of these fake accounts used extracts of what the original user had said, but sufficiently altered so as to have an often very comical effect.

One such account was started by me. I assumed when I added Juanita to my ‘follows’, that she would read the messages I had previously posted and either get the joke and move on, or block me from contacting her. To my surprise she assumed that the messages you can read above, were in fact written by “atheist hackers” who had gained access to a genuine account. I accept that I may have told her this was the case, to see if she would be gullible enough to go for it, but in reality all she had to do to work this out for herself was see that the legitimate user was still using his account, often posting at exactly the same time as the many fake users. Instead she chose to see only what she wanted to see, which ironically led to her playing the joke on herself.

Because I knew that Juanita and Heidi had fallen out over the way Heidi was tricked into taking part in something she would never have agreed to take part in, had she known what was involved, I decided to try and help her out by using the fact that Juanita assumed my fake account was actually the real deal, to get her side of the story and make sure it tallied with Heidi’s account of events. To her credit Juanita wouldn’t do this and so I didn’t push it any further and my interest in digging any deeper ended right there and then.

But out of the blue and completely unrelated to anything involving Heidi, Juanita then proceeded to send a series of private messages to my fake account, saying that atheists call themselves moral, but they hack into accounts so as not to lose face in-front of each other. She came to the conclusion that my fake account was actually genuine, despite the fact that the evidence it was a spoof was staring her in the face and after days of my posting messages as that user which no-one could possibly think were genuine.

So rather than prolong her embarrassment any longer I sent her a reply message, pointing out that despite that she outwardly showed regret for the way in which she treated Heidi, she was actually operating exactly the same kind of assumption based thinking that got her in trouble in the first place, when she thought no-one would find out.

Operating this kind of dual standard is nothing new to Juanita, but she doesn’t like being reminded of it. Now, presumably out of embarrassment and anger at being exposed for a second time, I find that she is considering the options you have presented to you [here]. All I can say to that is this. Juanita had a chance to be honest and open with people when she invited me to take part in a radio show to discuss certain topics, which she decided at the last minute to set up in such a way that made it impossible for views to be expressed openly. She silenced the microphones of people who objected to this and put words in their mouth they would never say or agree to have said on their behalf.

Despite my personal dissatisfaction at a lack of an apology from Juanita for this, there was no need for that whole issue to raise its ugly head again, once we agreed between us, via email, to go our separate ways. But it was Juanita who dredged it all up again, by accusing Heidi of “siding with the atheists” simply because she had the temerity to point out the truth. All Heidi did was point out that, far from learning her lesson, Juanita was once again behaving exactly as dishonestly as she accuses only non-Christians of being capable.

I don’t like bullies and I don’t like liars. Heidi is too polite to say it, but Juanita is behaving like a bible bashing thug. She brandishes her opinion around the place as if anyone who disagrees is destined to either burn in hell or, heaven forfend, learn how to think for themselves. Her particular brand of fear theology might work on some, but she doesn’t like knowing why it doesn’t work on all—and I am proud, as an atheist, to call Heidi my true Christian friend, for not being afraid to remind Juanita of what she publicly proclaims herself to be, while privately acting very much in the opposite manner.

Matthew 21:12

Thank you for you time. You should now feel free to go back to talking about me behind my back.


EDIT: @CocosButter was kind enough to post the above to Juanita’s grubby little forum. As of 12:30 Tuesday 15th June, Juanita or Paul or Bill or another of Juanita’s little puppy dogs has had it removed. I’m wanting to find out if they also banned @CocosButter from posting the same as they did with @heidiraff, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

EDIT: @CocosButter was indeed banned for this. Juanita, you’re an idiot and a liar. Goodbye.


28 comments on “The letter Juanita Berguson doesn’t want you to see

  1. Some doors are not worth the effort to knock on. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, and movin’ on. There’s your Christian response. Maybe she & he are what to steer away from in all aspects of this discussion.

    I am watching and reading all this, and there isn’t to much to add – because you guys are getting it out before me.

    Good views and expressions, Thanks!

  2. As of writing this comment, this article appears third on Google when searching for Juanita Berguson. This may change over time, but for now she is exercising damage limitation by reopening email contact with me and asking softball questions, presumably in the hope I’ll be stupid enough to fall for her lies and set-up tactics for a second time.

    I’ll keep you posted.

  3. she is a liar, she lives in a duel life were she pretends to be one person and then is another. I am a Christian, but after looking into her life and connecting to her staff on line, I find that her past is smeared with tales of self validation. She had a computer company that tanked along with a multimillion dollar party plan idea that tanked when EVERYONE told her not to do it….But it’s never her fault. How about her lavish life? Everyone knows that you have those pets Juanita. Who are you to keep exotic pets and break the law? Her sales staff has talked with me about her lavish trips to China, Mexico and South America Yet she pays her workers $8-9 per hour. This is nothing new in the world of business, but herself justification is to much for other Christians. Her catalog is filled with 20 year old testimonials. Her life is filled with hypocrisy. As people of faith, we should try harder to be a positive influence on our world. She uses it to justify her wealth and fool others. I’m so glad she has a 4 car garage, I’m so glad she has so many cars and so many homes and takes 6 months to ride around the nation in her RV with her overpriced pets like a cross slinging Paris Hilton.

    Juanita, sit down and don’t get any more ideas. You Got LUCKY once. The best thing you could do for yourself, your workers and your company is to stay out of it. Move off to some warm island and play with your tree rats. Each and every time you open your mouth you make the real Christians look bad.

    No one needs to hack you Juanita, all that need be done is connect with your staff and they spill it all. WOW do you have a creepy past.

  4. I spoke with some folks on line tonight. They used to work for her. They told me that she took off a few years ago and came back with fake boobs and an eye lift. Was God in that as well? It’s shocking to see how someone who talks about God so often spends so much on herself.

  5. There’s nothing wrong with looking after your personal appearances, but I rather suspect she spent money on herself that the people who gave it had hoped would go to a more worthy cause.

    In the personal correspondence I’ve had with Juanita, I’ve been struck each time by her brazen attitude. It’s almost as if she’s learned how to manipulate so many people, she doesn’t even try to hide her arrogance even when faced with people who directly challenge her. For example, in her last email, she actually offered to write a blog to her “fans” explaining my frustration at her censoring my right to reply. And I honestly don’t think she saw the irony in that, for one second. She’s become the thing she fears the most and there is exactly zero chance of ever making her see it.

  6. I am sure that Fake Tits are not found in the Bible. I would also bet that the money she spent on the work could have fed 1,000 kids in some poor nation.

  7. Oh I think we’ve definitely made a difference to the information that’s out there about her which is available to anyone who wants to find out more for themselves.

  8. These posts only dig one of many layers. WOW! what a double life she lives. I thought about her in church last sunday. Our pastor wants some of her products. we do not have electronics at this time, but if my church sends her a dime, I’ll find a new church.

  9. On the “death threats”, who can say. Maybe it’s genuine, maybe it isn’t. But it does seem awfully convenient and it’s not like blatantly untrue stunts haven’t caught her out in the past.

  10. I’ve seen the letter. If you got a letter like that, you’d report it to the police, wouldn’t you? The police have filing systems to keep track of what miscreants are misbehaving, so she’d have some sort of receipt like a UK crime reference number, yes?

    Assuming, of course, she’s telling the truth.

  11. The issue in church seems to have died. Some saw a program on TV telling people to NOT go nuts with toys in church. The point of the TV sermon was that some spend money as if it is theirs to spend how ever they wish. The sermon went on to say that glitter and bling is not the way to win hearts for God. Some say this is the only way to get youth into church. It’s not midway at the fair. It’s a church. To this I would add that the “duty” pitch and the “don’t you want to win more souls for Christ” spin is evil. To guilt people into buying thing, but in the context of the afterlife is sin. Her great wealth is passed off as a blessing. That God wants you to be wealthy, and wealth comes from giving. But her staff is jumping ship. why? she pays nothing after she’s cleaned up. I hope she follows this. I’m glad that I had the good timming to connect with some of her staff. I would not have a dime of my donation given to her and her “family business”.

  12. She is telling everyone that she has a RTI of 15% with some new investment idea. Acording to E-mails she has some inside guru. how many people will loose money on this one??

  13. This is now the #1 site when you Google Her name…sad woman, very sad. Hey Mrs Berg’ How about you tell them about the time you almost left Johnny. Didn’t you say in a post you were going to leave him when he got sick?

  14. I worked for Juanita. Every word Jim Gardner says in his post is true. For those of you looking to buy equipment for your churches. there is a solid, honest, Christian-behaving company with 40 years in the business called CCI Solutions. They are a group of incredibly gifted people and good Christians who put a priority on walking the walk. They do not “play” at being Christian like Juanita…they are the real deal. I feel honored and blessed to have been hired by such a wonderful company.

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