Atheism is a religion by Joe Cienkowski: A Video Review. Part 1.


6 comments on “Atheism is a religion by Joe Cienkowski: A Video Review. Part 1.

  1. I can SEE that you found the disclaimer in the “preface”. AND LOL it was!

    Who did he dedicate it to?

  2. Could have cut out that laughing stuff, comes across as too much of a ridiculing of joe from your side, especially without reading the “funny” part out loud most of the time (or have i missed something?).
    Also: a scientific review would also include some decronstruction of the presented material, i.e. pointing out what exactly is it what he did each time you present a piece of evidence.
    Over all, I cherish the thought, but the execution is lacking.
    Sincerely, long time reader:
    The Wayfarer aka Nils Gensert

  3. I am very impressed and interested in your next video. I honestly try not to care about too many reviews as I know my purpose is firm and right. Regardless, I know what the final outcome is (and it might take a year for the things in the book to sink in) . Thank you for your respectful disagreements. The only comment I will say is I have no hatred for atheists. Like Jesus, the only way I will get your attention is by overturning your tables :) I’m looking forward to seeing your second video. I’m interested if you’ll see that science is what we can see and test and study, and that’s exactly what we see with human life. God bless!

  4. Joe, you say that you don’t hate atheists, yet you revel in your supposed “war” with them. War is nothing to glorify, or even make light of.

    Joe you have, quite possibly, the ugliest personality I’ve encountered in a long long time.

  5. Aaron’s pretty much hit the nail on the head there, Joe. I know you’re hoping that by doing that whole, “hey I’m open to friendly criticism” thing, now that a few hundred people have seen for themselves what your pamphlet is about, you might force me into going easier on you in future updates, but you had the chance to be honest when I asked you if you regretted saying you could “prove evolution is biologically impossible” and you not only threw away the genuine offer of an honest new approach, but you continued to make outlandish and utterly stupid claims about the kind of information your pamphlet contains.

    Then, before you twittered the self-same lie about Dawkins that you’ve been caught making time and time again—that countless people have tried over and over to try and get in your thick head you’ve been duped into believing yet another lie—you blocked me while telling people you hadn’t EVEN AFTER I posted a screen-shot of the “this user has blocked you” screen from

    You’re either a congenital liar, Joe, or you’re so deluded you presume other people are as bemused by normality as you are. I’m glad you’re amused by the attention you’re getting but, make no mistake, it’s not from people who credit you with any kind of a win in your imaginary war on irrefutable facts and you certainly aren’t going to creep your way into my good books just because you’ve suddenly worked out how to post a comment reply when you’ve had three weeks to answer this basic question:

  6. Joe: “Regardless, I know what the final outcome is”

    Are you claiming to know the future, Joe? Are you a witch?

    Exodus 22:18 “You shall not suffer a witch to live.”

    Jeremiah 27:9 “But as for you, do not listen to your prophets, your diviners, your dreamers, your soothsayers or your sorcerers who speak to you, saying, ‘You will not serve the king of Babylon.’

    It’s pathetic that you can’t even follow your own rulebook with your actions.

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