We’re all fucked!


3 comments on “We’re all fucked!

  1. This economic moshpit is no accident, its been planned for over a hundred years.
    Its all designed to force us into accepting a single world banking system that has total control of all the worlds finances, then we will be well and truly stuffed!
    2009, the recession bailouts put big debt in everyone’s back yard. If you are in debt, be you a country or just a man, then you are under the bankers control!
    2011, something shady and deceitful but on a huge scale will trigger world changing events. Look out for false disasters used as smokescreens to take the public’s eye off the ball.
    2022, point of no return. By this time you will realise that its not some mad conspiracy theory and freedom has been banished to the historic record. At present you have to buy freedom…by 2022 you won’t be able to!!
    2033, should be an interesting year because by then everything should be sorted and the new world order should be in place! Its going to be a very different world to the one we know now!

    Look what can happen in only 23 years, from this:
    ..to this..

  2. Well I enjoy a good conspiracy theory as much as the next man, but if you seriously think all of this happened by design rather than through sheer bloody incompetence and greed you’ll have to go a lot further than connecting a series of coincidences with paranoid hyperbole. No offence.

  3. I’m not the one joining the dots here Jim, I rely on political experts and historians to give me the information which they have painstakingly researched and written up over decades. Its all made to look like someone’s big balls up and called incompetence, followed by that irritating phrase, “we must make sure this never happens again”, but all the damning phrases by heads of state, politicians and corporation owners have been well documented over the years where they openly admit their intentions, yet people are still more than happy to wear the woolly hat with a low cut front!! Recessions are set up to take out the weaker competition, reorganise the commercial hierarchy, lower values of certain commodities especially gold and make the next 20 years more prosperous for the super rich who, by causing these recessions get back their market share. Its been going on in one shape or another for several hundred years.
    Example: Recession hits and gold prices plummet, banks buy gold, recession ends, gold prices soar, banks sell gold at new higher price, bank makes billions which is what they do, make money!
    The one world bank is almost here and the last recession was the spring board to get the thing moving. All these bail outs put whole countries in massive debt which they can never pay back, just as you heard in the video, do you not see this as control of that countries finances by the very people who are observed by the public to be the ones helping them out? The money is fictitious, just numbers on a system, nothing is exchanged of any value, the country is allowed to get its economy back but at a price, and that price is forever being indebted to the western bankers who now own most of the corporations, indeed countries, on the planet! What they own is openly visible across the globe by use of symbolism. Nothing paranoid about seeing what’s staring you in the face my friend! They own you too!

    Don’t you find it just slightly odd that the bankers and politicians didn’t see the recession coming yet political annalists were warning about it since late 2006\2007?

    You borrow money for a house from? A Bank. You pay them back including a huge amount of money called interest tying up most of your personal wealth in what? A pile of ‘effing bricks which is actually worth about 10% of the amount you paid for it! You have effectively given the vast majority of any wealth you earned straight to the bankers! Second most expensive thing you buy? The car. Borrow more money, pay lots more interest to? The bankers! In ten years time the car will be scrapped and you’ll buy a new one but the bank will still have all the money you gave them, and you are about to give them more. They own you and they control you. They also own and control the media who have just told the gullible public that these naughty, incompetent bankers must be punished with massive bonuses and sacked from their positions so they can be made peers and moved into a higher earning career! Its a joke and they are laughing at us, you know, the ones wearing the woolly hats and paying the mortgage interest!!!

    Financial hitmen…look them up…makes interesting reading!

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