I’ll be reviewing Joe Cienkowski’s book on YouTube. Here’s how you can help.

Just a quick update on what’s happening with Joe Cienkowski. This might only make sense to those of you who follow me on twitter, but I’ll try to recap quickly.

Thanks to @robineccles I’ve purchased a copy of Joe Cienkowski’s book ‘Atheism is a Religion’, which—according to the author—contains, quote, “logical, scientific proof and reason to believe in God”, so I’ll be reviewing the book bullet point by bullet point in a series of videos on YouTube, which will also be posted here.

Can I please ask those of you who intend to follow these reviews, or just want to show support, to donate as much as you can afford to UNICEF, using the link below.

UNICEF is a charity that actually does something for people who need help, instead of talking to themselves about it while hoping the Israelite God of war is listening in.

From their website:

UNICEF is the only organisation specifically named in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as a source of expert assistance and advice on which governments can call. We are responsible for holding governments to account for the rights of children.


Thank you and stay tuned!

EDIT: Please link to this and mention it to as many people as possible. I know this might come over as shameless self publicity, but I make no money from this site and I’m not selling anyone anything other than the free and open exchange of ideas, proofs and evidence.

EDIT: I can’t say too much at the moment, to those of you who are saying this is exactly what Joe wants. Suffice to say, when I say stay tuned I mean watch this space.


18 comments on “I’ll be reviewing Joe Cienkowski’s book on YouTube. Here’s how you can help.

  1. This actually works quite well. I have, in the past, saved many people the trouble and expense in a similar fashion, “the argument against Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion” by doing my own commentary point by point. Question: How well do you handle your own gag reflex? This is something I wish I had considered prior to my heroic plunge into the limitless abyss of ignorance. Fare well my friend – I will do my part to support and insure that your sacrifice is not in vein.

    Dea Omnibus Dubi condum! Doubt Everything!

  2. Beechbum: I’ve grown pretty used to it by now. You just have to keep reminding yourself how lucky you are to be able to tell the difference between lies and truth almost by instinct. Some people can’t do that—hence Joe Cienkowski. This might sound totally disingenuous, but I’m actually trying to help the guy.

  3. No, not disingenuous at all. I have the very same motives (I hail from the buckle of the Bible belt, where they thought Falwell was god), I see it as attempting to show people the difference between pretending to be happy and actually knowing happiness. The hard part is convincing them that it’s ok to let go of the security blanket and grab onto reality with both hands. Problem is, the devout will usually only let go of that security in an attempt to get their protagonist by the throat – with both hands. You know why the veterinarian uses tranquilizer darts on the Polar Bear? Because the bear isn’t interested in being helped without a fight.

  4. I am so looking forward to this, I know you will be fair and unbiased. I don’t however expect great things from Joe

  5. Idiocy. I just responded to your Reddit post. He doesn’t care if he’s right or wrong. He just wants to sell a book. Here’s one of the Amazon reviews you linked to:

    Joe Cienkowski is a con artist who has gone to every single Atheist Forum on Facebook antagonizing people to buy his books. He claims that the Bible is science, and in response to criticism to such he writes, quote:

    “Daniel, Gen 1:1 is science. You wrongly think a Christian doesn’t love science. Evolution is religion, Pal. Try my book, or shut up.”

  6. TBH with you, what started as a case of ‘feeding the troll’ has turned into a genuine desire to see the proof he suggests he has.

    Initially irritated by his ‘how dare you criticise god almighty and me, you atheist retards’, I passed through giggling at his rotation of statements announcing his proof (yet not sharing it), denouncing atheism, stating atheism is a religion, labelling Darwin – and others as fools and charlatans, glorifying god and back to announcing he has proof. From there I moved on to desire to read this/these books. I really do, but I am not willing to buy them as money is tight these days.

    Maybe that’s what makes me different to him, I want to understand his viewpoint, see what he sees and hear what he wants to say.

    And now I can read them by proxy. Thanks.

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