OK, so it turns out Kevin Costner is a total legend!!


7 comments on “OK, so it turns out Kevin Costner is a total legend!!

  1. As soon as you see the words environmentalist you should back up calmly, turn around, and walk away, in the same way you would if confronted by a large, aggressive and dangerous animal.
    Mr Costner tours the world in a private jet, in fact he jets everywhere, being such a famous man and having such a hectic and busy lifestyle.
    A legend in some peoples eyes but just another hypocrite in mine!
    You can’t use thousands of gallons of tax free jet fuel flying here and there, owning a house as big as a shopping mall and driving 4 litre cars around in a country where the speed limit is generally 55mph, then in the next breath say that you are helping to “save the planet” in your best hippy, tree hugging diction without being labelled a hypocrite.

    The vast majority of people are environmental hypocrites too. They will bark as loudly as anyone else about saving the planet and recycling until you want to erect a wind farm in their neighbourhood, then its all whining, protests and petitions.

    People like Mr Costner may talk up all the right ethics but unless they are willing to step down a rung or two and stop living the high life then their ethics are but empty words. The label ‘environmentalist’ when applied to Mr Costner is nothing more than a smokescreen, an attempt to make him look less harmful to all the real environmentalists out there. The huge donation is a tax dodge and he also has a vested interest in the success of his own company who will be in charge of this oil clean up, Costner Industries’!

    You can’t pull the wool over my eyes and convince me I’m a sheep! Baaaaaa!

  2. Having never been a wealthy celebrity or wealthy anything I can’t really say how I would live if I were. I’d like to think I’d be environmentally responsible, but I’m far from perfect now. Nearly everyone is a hypocrite at some level. Despite his flaws, if Costner’s gadget helps clean this mess up then I’ll give him praise for it.

  3. A corporation is going to clean it up…Costner Industries Nevada Corporation!

    Centrifuge separating machines are nothing new. A machine capable of separating oil from water has been available since 1915. This is a publicity stunt and nothing more.

    Costner is no more an environmentalist than George W Bush!

    You have to remember that it is inconvenient to us humans to have our precious oil slopping about on an ocean wave. It makes a terrible mess of our beaches and kills thousands of sea birds. Truth is though, its full of natural nutrients and 10 years after an oil spill marine life will be flourishing.

    Don’t believe me read this!

    Your, “forget the whole thing happened” retort isn’t such a bad idea, especially in tropical waters!

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