Land of the free to do as you’re told

It takes a big man to pick on innocent people trying to mind their own business.

I feel safer already.


7 comments on “Land of the free to do as you’re told

  1. It does not matter if you are an american or a Canadian citizen in the states – their law enforcement agencies treat everyone this way. Unfortunately.

    I suggest that people watch just a couple random episodes of the american tv show COPS to verify this “all testes” attitude.

    Many Canadian citizens (as myself) just rather stay at home, and it is a real pain at the airports just to catch a connecting flight that just happens to stop anywhere in the states. I have heard rumors that flights since the 911 have been rearranged to enable closer scrutiny prcedures.

    When americans travel here in Canada, many marvel at how peaceful and decent our police are.

    On the whole, americans are decent people, but something seems to happen when they receive a dose of authority or a weapon.

    May I say – “God help them somehow,” because it seems that they won’t be able to do it themselfs as a society.

  2. Seriously Jim, I wish I had all the time in this world to respond in a true and full manner to that subject – but yes I did, and I chuckle over hurting Mikes? head. But I will respond.
    I’m not offended, and will have something to forward Mon morning, take care sir.


  3. I was just making sure, because I know some people don’t use the RSS feed or check the ‘inform me of replies’ button.

    Looking forward to your considered reply.

  4. I thought the boarder guard was rather ‘prickish’ but whatever …he’s a boarder guard. The Canadian male was blatantly confrontational the whole time (until he got scared a the end of course) and I hope the hypocrisy of him commanding his wife to ‘sit down’ [i]without a reason[/i] wasn’t lost on everyone.

  5. Yes Troy! I was thinking about that also. In fact I was wondering if this wasn’t sort of set up?

    I was rather surprised that the husband reacted to his wife in the same mammer that the border patrol was demonstarting to them. I wonder if these Canadian citizens are seeing their actions in a different light now -hmmmm…

    However; more and more of us Canadians are getting rather upset over the “pumped up Homeland Security attitude” that swaggers along the Canada/USA border.

    Barney the dino’ was seen sneaking across the border into the ‘states last year. He disguised himself as a cross dresser, and yes he/she is running free in the land of the free – God bless that dinosaur!

    Americans are allowed to carry weapons, and it really creeps me out how that power oversteps a sense of decency when dealing with the public with some people (border Patrol) and law enforcement personel.

    I’m free to do as I’m told also, STAY AT HOME!

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