Muslim extremists are claiming that natural disasters are the result of women being allowed to think, dress and account for themselves.

If you’re of the lady persuasion, on 26th of April, 2010, Jen McCreight wants you to join her in wearing something slightly more revealing than usual to see if it causes an earthquake. She’s calling it Boobquake. It’s a global awareness campaign designed to send a message of peaceful protest against the oppression of women by wilfully ignorant men.

So get involved!


One comment on “Boobquake!

  1. Oops! I don’t think she has picked the best date to be doing this. The full Moon is on the 28th and it is known by astrophysicists that violent quakes are more common when the Moon is full. This isn’t flaky voo-doo nonsense its based on science. The tides you see in the oceans are caused by the gravitational tug of war between the Sun which is gigantic but very far away, and the Moon which is tiny but relatively close. Mix in the Earth’s rotation and you have an almost perpetual sloshing of the water in the oceans back and forth. When the Moon is full it is on the opposite side of the Earth to the sun but because the Earth wobbles as it rotates (the reason for the changing seasons), the Moon ends up tugging at different areas of the Earth at different times of the year. Ever noticed how the Moon is sometimes low and sometimes high in the sky? Same reason the Sun is due to the Earth’s wobble. This particular full Moon coincides with the Earth being relatively close to the Sun, its elliptical orbit bringing it slightly closer in the winter (northern hemisphere), but farther away during summer(northern hemisphere again). So we are still moving away from our closest point at the end of April and the Moon is well up in the sky. The tug on the Earth’s crust at full moon will be greatest over Northern Europe, *Iceland*, and Western Canada, Alaska and the North Western US. Now Iceland has a volcano doing its business at present so a further eruption could take place around the end of April when the Moon is perfectly positioned.
    None of this stuff is guaranteed but extremely likely.
    The recent big quakes in Chile and China both occurred at full Moon…you have been warned.

    So if god takes a couple of days to ponder over whether or not to hit the Earth with a big quake or eruption, then decides to do it on or around the 28th then the Muslims will have won massive credibility!

    Couldn’t she throw a sickie and do this boob fest on another date..hmm..perhaps..maybe..hmm?

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