Mr. Ratzinger. You are complicit in the cover-up of child rape. You belong in jail.


3 comments on “Mr. Ratzinger. You are complicit in the cover-up of child rape. You belong in jail.

  1. After bringing up 3 children I look back and think I was correct being slightly over cautious and protective, at least until they were old enough and wise enough not to get misled. When I read how widespread paedophilia is I find it absolutely shocking and the fact that the Catholic church is one of the biggest culprits takes my breath away. How on earth do you outlaw and prevent something which is so widespread across the upper tiers of society? When judges, teachers, the clergy, social services and ministers are active paedo’s then I see no hope in sight for a solution!
    People like the pope are among the ‘untouchables’ of society and see our children as the ‘touchables’! Disgusting attitude from people in a position of ultimate trust!
    All we can hope is that the church is so badly tarnished by all this that it forces them root out all their bad eggs to save their ‘holier than thou’ image. This should at least clean up the churches act for a while at least.

  2. I agree with most of what you’re saying here, Russ. But I think it’s also fair to point out this is no more prevalent within the priesthood than it is among any other profession per-se. The difference, as you rightly point out, is that priests alongside only a very few other professions, like doctors and senior police officers, are placed in a position of trust with children.

    But it is also especially important to differentiate between priests and other trusted professions, because unlike a doctor or police officer, the priest is the only one who claims that his actions will be judged by the creator of the universe when he dies—not by his peers here on Earth. The Vatican might talk the talk when it comes to applying the law of the land over and above the beliefs of individuals within the religion to which they adhere, but they do a pretty poor job of actually turning over criminals once their actions become known about.

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