Juanita Berguson and myself and several others debated via talk radio tonight

The audio of the first debate between myself, two other non-religious and three Christians took place over at blogtalkradio tonight. You can hear the recording here:


This all goes back to a posting I made in December of last year which is still brewing to this day between P17Lover and Juanita:


Hopefully next week we can iron out some of the technical problems and get down to some serious discussion. Thanks to Juanita for inviting me to take part. I hope you all enjoy listening.


2 comments on “Juanita Berguson and myself and several others debated via talk radio tonight

  1. I think Juanita was quite provocative coming up with her stance on abortion 90 seconds before the end. Really made her sound like she wanted to impose her point of view without giving anyone else the possibility of discussing it. Someone also brought up the fact that she once dismissed a wikipedia link as atheist propaganda which makes me wonder why atheist really bother to try to have any discussion with christians in the first place. Talking to a brick wall would probably have the same effect. All christians want is to get their message across by disallowing any different view from being heard simply because they know perfectly well that evidence doesn’t support their claims.

  2. She is the kind of person who would say that God was right with something to justify her own actions. In fairness, many people, regardless of how they live feel, worship, or live do this. However, her tactics are that of a popular political figure. Following her “preaching” shows her first plan of attack is to cling tight to subjects popular in current media. So I’m not surprised if she would get in a last moment jab just before the bell.

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