Chatroulette improv


3 comments on “Chatroulette improv

  1. Jim, you do not have any contact form and sorry to say that I no longer have your email, new PC etc.

    Well I do not know if you remember me but I was a contributer to one of your biggest threads and you ended up giving me the whole database of that thread to continue else where, well I wanted to let you knwo how things have changed since then and those few poxy proxy comments. you blog evolved a whole company, I will nto advertise my company here as it is not the time or place, but I will leave you a youtube vid of how things went and you can delete it as soon as you see so no ads showing on your site:

    once again, Thanks Jim, I owe you one!

  2. That’s fantastic Matt! I’m over the moon to have played a small part in this. Thanks for the heads up and well done on getting this off the ground!

  3. chatoulette so much a new trend youtube facebook social networking sites a great alternative

    chatroulette to meet people from every country, and presents a platform for a variety of different people and groups with new people all the time diversity cikabilmekte.Bu out and sharing these innovations chatroulette’in unofficial blogs ( etc.) can be followed ./12.01.2011 12:24:58

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