The creationist YouTube user VenomFangX, who filed illegal DMCA take-down notices to silence people who discovered he had acquired money by deception by duping a children’s charity, posts one last video before closing his account in which he accuses another YouTuber of pedophilia

Edit: This story was updated on Monday the 11th of January. It has transpired that VenomFangX’s father Hilton has been in contact with many of the YouTube users affected by his son’s actions and has been working with them to help Shawn de-progam some of his Kent Hovind inspired non-thinking on matters religious and otherwise. See below.

A couple of years ago a YouTube user going by the name VenomFangX posted a series of videos in which he claimed to present evidence that Darwinian evolution by means of natural selection was a fraudulent science and a tool of the devil.

No-one paid much attention. Even when he began removing video responses and comments from his channel, posted by other YouTube users, which pointed out some of the mistakes VFX had made in some of his thinking, people generally accepted that, while it was telling of his true interest in honest debate that he should actively censor debate in such a way, there was nothing to be gained in trying to reason someone out of a position they had so clearly failed to reason themselves into.

Then it all started to get a bit nasty. VenomFangX—through various junk accounts and YouTube pseudonyms—started issuing mass DMCA take-down notices against YouTube users who included public domain, copyright free video clips in their debunking of creationist propaganda videos, which featured seminar footage of convicted fraudster Kent Hovind—the creationist who directly inspired VenonFangX’s various YouTube rants.

Many YouTubers who had spent a lot of time collating information which decisively proved that the whole creationism movement is based upon a scam found their accounts disabled and their content removed.

The creationism movement, which targets vulnerable and suggestible people in church communities and convinces them of a grand conspiracy to cover-up evidence of everything from there being proof the world was created less than 6000 years ago, to proof that certain kinds of bacteria were created complex, rather than evolved, is spearheaded by some very powerful organisations—who rely upon tax free donations and support from within the militant rightwing evangelical movement in the United States.

VenomFangX is the human face of what happens when these insidious programs of indoctrination catch the attention of the people in society who need all the help they can get to escape these cults, before they lose their sense of perspective altogether; as you can see from what happened to VFX next.

Upset with VFX, various of the YouTube users who were affected by his illegal misuse of YouTube’s DMCA take-down procedure banded together to make VFX’s considerable subscriber base aware of the fact that, far from being interested in open debate about these issues, VFX was in fact breaking the law in order to censor and silence his detractors.

In response to this, instead of admitting he had made a mistake, VFX began actively asking his subscribers to send money to a PayPal account he had set-up, so he could continue his YouTube “ministry” on a full-time basis and “counter the atheist threat” on YouTube. In these appeals he also said that, for every Canadian Dollar he received in donations, he would give a certain percentage to charity; the Sick Kids hospital in Toronto.

The only problem with this was VFX had no intention of giving any money to charity at all—and when various YouTube users like dprjones got wind of this fact, they immediately informed the authorities and VFX was forced to discontinue his activities. He even deleted his personal website, leaving a message saying simply that his parents did not support his views and that he was therefore being forced into abandoning his plans for world domination.

But rather than walk away with his tail between his legs, having being taught a valuable life-lesson in how far you get when you openly lie in a public forum and expect to get away with it, just because you attempt to justify your actions by hiding behind your religion, VFX instead made the dramatic announcement that he was closing his YouTube account and personal website because of, quote, “death threats made to his family from Muslims and atheists”.

Just as the howls of laughter were beginning fade, true to form, several weeks later, VFX YouTube channel came back on-line—at precisely the same time as a fresh batch of fraudulent DMCA take-down notices were issued against the same YouTube users who had exposed his lies in the first place.

Tired of seeing their work removed from YouTube, for no other reason than that it exposed VFX’s lies and callous attempts to line his own pockets with money donated in good faith to a sick children’s hospital, dprjones and other YouTube users gave VFX an ultimatum: to either remove his YouTube account entirely and cease abusing YouTube’s copyright infringement mechanism or face the full consequence of the law.

Today, Sunday the 10th of Janurary 2010, VFX has removed his channel from YouTube—but not before posting one last video in which he accuses dprjones, the YouTube user who exposed his lies in the first place, of being—wait for it—a pedophile. That’s right folks—if you don’t agree with young Earth creationists, you are by default a kiddy fiddler.

Here is a hilarious break-down by YouTuber C0ct0pusPrime of that final farewell video from VenomFangX:

UPDATE: The following video has been removed because of a copyright claim by a Shawn Karon. To my knowledge this is the first time VenomFangX’s full name has been placed in the public domain.

Monday 11th Jan update: The following video was dprjones’s original response to VFX’s accusation of him being a pedophile, but it is no longer available because of a “terms of use violation” presumably also filed by Shawn Karon:

UPDATE: I’ve inserted the following video, mirrored by noelplum99 on behalf of jordanowen42 which sheds new light on the situation. It has emerged that, behind the scenes, the YouTube users who Shawn Karon has been issuing false DMCA notices against, have been working with his father and other family members to protect Shawn from criminal prosecution for his actions.

Here is a great in-depth look, authored by a Christian YouTube user, at one possible explanation for why VFX issued the illegal take-down notices in the first place:

I shouldn’t imagine for one single solitary second we’ve heard the last of Shawn VenomFangX. His appetite for attention is too great. Nor should I imagine we’ve heard the last from the people who come at this story only having heard one side. The previous occasions on which I’ve documented what’s happening in the world of VFX versus reality are among the most regularly read posts on the whole blog. Indeed this blog is 4th in the list of Google results for ‘venomfangx’.

It’s only a matter of time, then, before someone else who hasn’t figured out how spell check works comes to the defence of that poor kid from Canada, who just wanted to spread the Lord’s message of peace, love and tax free donations but was hounded out of the playground by those nasty atheists and their evil fascination with exposing mentally disturbed charlatans who aren’t above stealing money from sick children. And if you’re in any doubt as to whether or not these people actually exist, read on…


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