Christopher Hitchens answers questions from users


One comment on “Christopher Hitchens answers questions from users

  1. Hi Christopher

    I used to be a Muslim until I became dissatisfied with the message that the Muslim faith stands for.
    As this is also applies to other religions, I started to go to speaker corner in London where I found some people who are the same as me and started to research about the Atheist believe and that when I found Professor Richard Dawkins and yourself.
    I watched your debate videos and other faiths representative and between Richard Dawkins and others faith too.
    I am a thinker and recently found a question which the Muslim cannot answer at Speaker corner, as you may know that it became a pad for religions mainly Christianity and Islam.
    The question is this, when the Muslim prophet advised against the God design when it comes to male circumcision, you call mutilations. If God created us like they believe, then he had obviously made a mistake in his design as the Muslim prophet Mohammed advice on this so is the Jews.
    They tried to mention the nails keeps growing but we keep cutting it, which is totally not the same.
    The other question is why Jupiter, Satin and the asteroid belt the other empty planets exist and for what reason, as there must be design fault which caused the asteroid built to exist, most probable explanation is a collision between 2 planet or so after the creation of the solar system.
    I never seen the Muslims straggling to answer the question as this because it goes to the heart of the designer they say Allah.

    Kind regards


    Dean Ramsey
    IT Support Analyst Consultant
    Tel: M- 0778 942 1830

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