Metacrock from takes the level of conversation down a gear

On December 7, 2009 at 3:23 AM Metacrock from posted the following comment on an unrelated blog posting.

you are not a free thinker. atheists are not into free thinking they are brain washed hate mongers who mock and ridicule anyone who doesn’t cow tow to their stupid illiterate little ideology of superiority.

I spent years researching the book that I just wrote. Its’ about the studies that I talk about, the studies you don’t know anything about. your little hogwash bigotry is all you have to back your insane lunatic hate monger crap about good people whom you detest.

you have to mock and ridicule others to feel good about yourself and like a drug addict you can’t get enough.

My reply was thus:

December 7, 2009 at 5:42 PM e
Before making sweeping generalisations about one third of the world’s population, and assuming you actually want people to read your book, you might do well to spend “years researching” punctuation and basic grammar before anything else. Just a tip, but in English sentences start with a capital letter.

On the basic thrust of your argument, I would agree that there are probably hundreds of thousands of people, out there, who identify themselves as atheist simply because they are too lazy to get out of bed on a Sunday morning, or indeed think about any of “it” for themselves.

But if it is your intention to prove the larger philosophical tract of a-theism, per-se, merely a lazy means of persecuting the religious, I might argue you’d have to go a long way to find a more efficient means of achieving this; absolute hatred of other people’s beliefs, than religion itself.

If that reads like a cheap shot, go to LiveLeak and search for Martyrdom Videos. Find me a video of someone blowing themselves and everybody else up in the name of free thinking secular humanism and you’ve won yourself an argument. You’ll forgive me if I don’t hold my breath eagerly awaiting your response.

Because this thread was started in an unrelated (non-atheism vs. religion topic) I have closed the comments on that blog entry and reopened them here, to invite Metacrock to continue the discussion.


7 comments on “Metacrock from takes the level of conversation down a gear

  1. Meta’s a friend of mine. Sadly his dyslexia mixed with his temper get the better of him. He lets the folks on Carm piss him off and then he goes on a tirade. I refuse to read atheistwatch and I’ve told him so. I do still read his other blog and participate in his forums. A nice bunch of folks over there. Looks like he posted a response to your post or maybe just to your response.

  2. The purpose of atheist watch is to show that a segment of atheism is a hate group. Not all atheism is a hate group. But a certain radical segment get’s off on hate and that’s all they really care about.

    I am not expressing hatred for atheists, I’m demonstrating their hatred for others.

  3. I am sorry if i responded in the wrong place. it looks to me like this is the post where it says “I have closed the comments on that blog entry and reopened them here, to invite Metacrock to continue the discussion.”

    that’s what I’m doing then Mike says I did something wrong. I really didn’t mean to screw anything up. why is this not in the right place?

  4. I closed comments on that because it has nothing to do with atheism. Which to anyone who actually read the post as opposed to almost every other entry on this entire blog would be self-evident. Not the best way to introduce yourself as having a credible argument to put forward Meta, but there you go. I like Mike and if he likes you, we’ll put it down to excitability.

    If you want to know more about how I happily live in a godless world without hating anyone (except for the Pope and Glenn Beck of course) stick around!

  5. they can rag on the spelling and punctuation of a dyslexic that really prove they know all. what does he know the studies I talk about. nothing. has he rad one? no. has any education at all in my fields (history idea, sociology, philosophy, theology) no. but he know so much more because he can put a coma in the right place. Of cousre I can do that he actually no arguemnt punctuation and probalby only a couple of words that need spelling, but that’s the only thing he has to cling to since he know anything about any of the content.

    If he had he arguments he would make them. Obviously he does not. If he had something to say that was substantive he would say that rather the pathetic BS about spelling. He none. he has no concept of what I’m talking about.

    Of course he fails to point out that I have always qualified my statements that I’m not talking about all atheist but on segment of atheism. That totally alludes him. Since atheist watch has specified mission, keeping tabs on a segment of the atheist world, then it’s not fair to compare that with sights that deal with more substantive issues and not ignore Metacrock’s blog which is where I deal with positive issues, especially about God and philosophy.

    most of the atheists who whine about about my spelling, or talk about how rude I am have sour grapes because I usually bested them in argument.

    Atheists base their self images upon being smarter than Chrsitains When a Christian comes along and knocks them off their high horse then tend to get very upset.

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