Kent Hovind’s Dissertation

The fail factor of this is so very high it’s almost embarrassing. have managed to get hold of creationist Kent Hovind’s dissertation for “Doctor of philosophy in Christian Education”.

For those who don’t already know Hovind—currently serving time in prison for failing to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s—he is the cause célèbre of the monumentally ignorant creationism movement, because he has the nerve to stand up and say publicly what normal people seek medical attention for thinking in private.

His paper, which unlike every single doctoral dissertation based on actual research was actively withheld from any kind of peer review process, reveals the mind of a man who has no concept of reality and a complete disinterest in understanding how wrong he has been proven to be time and time again.

Not content with equating Darwinian natural selection with fascism, mixing biblical literalism with the same tired non-arguments we’ve heard (and debunked) time and time again and admitting in the opening chapter that none of what you’re about to read is either original or scientifically falsifiable in any way shape or form, Hovind succeeds only in unintentionally exposing the gaping wide-open holes in the so-called theory of creation so-called science and with such effortless efficiency you’d be forgiven for thinking his secret double identity is writing satire for and that the whole sorry business is really just a hoax gone way too far.

The paper begins with a near perfect description of what the first and second law of thermodynamics don’t say about entropy. It moves on to similarly ignorant pontifications on, yes you guessed it, the “incomplete fossil record” and finishes up (where else in a “science” paper) but why “Jesus would be a liar if evolution were true”.

The whole thing reads like a 10 year old’s rushed late on a Sunday night homework, for a class they’ve never payed much attention to because the teacher is a bit of a Monty Withnail. At one point he uses a sinusoidal graph showing the visible light spectrum, to explain why, “we are not able to understand what heaven is like because of our limitations”. Which is not even a little, but EXACTLY like saying, “I have no way of describing something to you that doesn’t exist”.

But perhaps the most troubling thing about it, is the repeated attempt to misquote Darwin himself, when he says that Darwin believed that people with black skin were lower down the evolutionary tree than people with white skin. Time and again this blatant misquoting of Darwin has been used as if Darwin believed this was indeed the case. In point of fact, he did no such thing.

If anything, Darwin was explaining why if there was any credible reason to suppose that skin colour had an advantage to selection, it would be those of us with darker skin who were the more evolved, not the other way around. Darwin, however, ultimately concluded that this was not the case—and that skin colour did not denote intelligence any more than sexual orientation.

Regardless, the Darwin quote which creationists are so keen to misrepresent, without including Darwin’s refrain that such a suggestion was ultimately baseless, never seems to make it into the many volumes of utter tripe written on the subject of creationism, by people even less interested in the facts than Kent Hovind—which on this evidence is no easy thing.’s_doctoral_dissertation

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14 comments on “Kent Hovind’s Dissertation

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  2. If you cannot break down the truth (bible), then try to break down the person spreading the word.

    Interesting fact is…
    Jesus had no degree.
    John and disciples had no degrees.

    Believe in your own religion atheists (is a religion)…
    You do not understand christianity, and never will.
    Interesting fact been that all the bad guys… Adolf, Stalin all believed in your poppy kak.

  3. Yes, Vanhite. If Hitler was known for his belief in rational free enquiry and his disliking for undue reverence given to bronze-age supernatural mumbo-jumbo you might have a point. But it is because he stood for the exact opposite of these values that we use both him and Stalin as examples of what happens when idolatry and dogma supplant rationalism.

    Kent Hovind is a transparent liar. Defend him all you want, he’s the one in jail for failing to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.

    Read more non-fiction.

  4. So Jim Gardner,

    He is a transparent lier hmmm….. I would like a transparent lier more than would I like an untransparent lier.

    Him being in jail shows that men of God are not perfect, just like david, solomon, jacab, abraham, isaac are.

    I do not need to defend him, if it is the will of God, he will be defended and guarded against these things.

    I believe I am a sinner and a sinner needs to get punished. If I am not punished it means that either I am good at deceiving the judge about it or someone else took my place.

    U talk about the bible? well did u know about daniel 3 friends who defied the king defied the command obey authorities in the bible? there are times when certain things are more important and displaces the lesser important one. Another commandment is not to kill. yet God allowed moses, joshua, deborah, gideon, samson, david to kill the cananites. So tell me how do u explain that.

  5. It’s spelled liar. Not lier.

    That’s all very interesting Timothy, but the point is Hovind sells himself as the best thing since sliced bread, when in reality his qualifications are made up out of thin air. This isn’t just my opinion, it is apparent to anyone who reads any random paragraph from this dissertation that this isn’t a man capable of understanding anything with any degree of clarity, but given the literary breadth particularly of your last paragraph I shouldn’t imagine this is an especially new concept to you either.

  6. i must admit kent does have a point about keeping bad and unproven science out of textbooks. i quite like the guy, i dont know why he’s judged as a fake he seems to encourage you to find the truth for yourself and he makes it clear what he believes and teaches from the start of his seminar’s. and as far as the hole pay ceasar bull shit i think you all need to stop being so petty! i know theres a God (creator) but i choose to live in sin the same as most of you. He’s just telling you how it is, and allowing you to make that choice of heaven or hell by proving evolution wrong. so drop the evolution crap as you cant prove it and get the fuck on with your lives you sad pathetic twats!!!!

  7. What?:

    The evidence which would be required to disprove Evolution is well documented. It is a basic scientific challenge. All that is required is a single gene in a sequence which could not have come into existence by natural selection. It really is as basic as that. If you can find one, you’ve disproved a major premise of evolution and won yourself a nobel prize.

    If creationists genuinely wanted to do this, the entire human gnome sequence has been in the public domain for some years now, so it should not be a matter of particularly expensive funding and it certainly isn’t due to a lack of political will. But neither Kent Hovind or indeed any of the so-called anti-evolution cabal are interested in admitting this, because it would highlight the fact that the burden of proof is upon them and has been for some time.

    So I’d be careful who you go around calling “sad and pathetic twats” if I were you—especially considering it’s not us who accept, instead of the scientific facts, that life was wished into existence by a man-god from beyond reality who lives in magic bread.

  8. It`s amazing how ignorant K.Hovind shows himself to be in his dissertation. And yes, this IS a valid point since this guy is trying to influence our understanding of the world.
    He should really make sure he is the one understanding basic stuff before he continues wasting everyone`s time.

  9. the lord he will get allof u for dfiming himand the gospels which god loves dr hiovind shows as true but you stupid god hating sintiest are not smart enuf to unther stand him because he is genius and god fullfilledd byeond you and you are stupid smart ass atheist we will get you when raputers and who will be laffing then you atehist when you are burrning in tribulation times and true bible loving christians will be in rapture in heaven and looking donw at you gtting what you peoepledesverd with your darwiniest testiclas ripped off and bloody becuase of GODS mercy on you.

  10. Damn, I guess we’re not “smart enuf to unther stand” a religion written by goat herders. How silly of us!

    It’s alright honeybuns. You can stay at home with your safety blanket and suck your thumb to your heart’s content while us grown-ups deal with reality in the big bad world.

  11. Wow! Hovind’s thesis! Wow! I’m currently doing my PhD, and after reading Hovind’s “dissertation” I feel like I have a standard to aspire to; a benchmark as it were. What sentence structure! I particularly liked the one “Thomas Huxley had been witnessed to on several occasions.” (Hovind 1991:40) A literary virtuoso, a virtuoso I say! And the bibliography…. well, um …. Well the logic of his argumen….. ummmm. I must say I was ever so glad to discover that the devil himself came up with evolution; there was always something fishy about that guy. And to find out that translations of the writings of Thomas Huxley were actually responsible for the rise of communism in China! Well that explains a lot then. And he does provide solid scientific evidence! Doesn’t he? Oh that’s right he just craps on about verse from a fairy tail, oh I mean the bible, sorry my bad. But surely his paper withstood the rigors of peer review???? His “PhD”? That’s from a reputable internationally recognised university. Isn’t it

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