WearRadio.co.uk goes live!

I’ve been working every hour Dawkins sends on http://wearradio.co.uk for the past 3 weeks and it is finally ready for primetime.

The big headaches were getting it to look as intended in Microsoft Internet Explorer, surprise surprise, and of course all those little things you come across now and then that are sent to try you—like why certain graphics refuse to load and why the site occasionally takes more than 3 seconds to load on an empty cache.

All in all though I’m happy I plumped for WordPress as the main platform—although I can see how further down the line we might want to expand into a more dedicated CMS—but that’s the job for someone else.

For now I’m looking forward to actually getting “on air”. We have a soft launch of the site and other back-room management type information we need to share with the presenters and DJs at this Thursday’s first full staff meeting and other than the fact we don’t have any content yet, everything is going GREAT!!


3 comments on “WearRadio.co.uk goes live!

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