Carrie Prejean can’t face her own ignorance

1I mean this in no small way, but what a dumb cunt that underfed idiot is. That’s not a sexist thing at all, by the way—or even anything particularly to do with her pro-idiocy agenda, it’s just an observation based upon her demeanour, words, actions and all round miasma.

There’s a growing and very worrying trend here which defies belief. The more illogical and ignorant you are—the more you can lie through your perfectly straight white teeth and get away with it, so long as you’re “in favour of strong women” or against the “liberal media”. What in the name of Sam Hill is that supposed to mean, exactly?

Who in their right mind would be in favour of bias in the media, or against the empowerment of women? Do these ultra conservative brain donors never stop to ask themselves even the most basic of questions about the role they played in creating the mess we’re all in right now? Does this mouth breathing glorified coat hanger ever wake up in the night and realise how ugly on the inside she really is?

They trot out their imaginary fears about “fair and balanced” opinion forming, as if they’re uniquely charged with highlighting the hidden agenda of some mysterious, sinister force, from beyond the antenna of honest investigative journalism—and behave all offended and indignant when asked simple questions about their own reprehensible behaviour.

They’re a parody of a satirical farce within a hoax of themselves. Paranoid, deluded cretins with nothing better to worry about than bronze-age myths and beauty products.
Screen shot 2009-11-12 at 16.12.35


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