Ray Comfort plagiarised his creationist introduction to ‘On the Origin of species’ from ‘A Brief History of Charles Darwin’ by Dr. Stan Guffey


Kirk Cameron, Ken Ham & Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort and his side-kick Kirk Cameron recently published a heavily edited version of Charles Darwin’s ‘On the origin of species’ which contained an introduction that accused Darwin of fathering Naziism.

AIGBusted has done some digging into Comfort and Cameron’s creationist screed and discovered some considerable evidence of plagiarism.

Read more: aigbusted.blogspot.com

10 comments on “Ray Comfort plagiarised his creationist introduction to ‘On the Origin of species’ from ‘A Brief History of Charles Darwin’ by Dr. Stan Guffey

  1. Here’s an saucy reply to Kirk’s goofball hope that people will read the Origin of Species and become converted to “Intelligent Design”.

    I think its rather funny how the fundies are trying to undermine Darwin’s theory of evolution by inserting a 50 page ‘ introduction’. Dude, everyone skips the introduction on books. Secondly, THANKS FOR THE FREE COPIES! If I come across a LivingWatersBullshit Rep passing these out, I’ll be taking a whole bunch of them, ripping the introduction out, and THEN giving it to friends and family. Ooh, there are cafes around here that have a ‘book basket’, where you can donate a book to the basket and ANYONE who wants to read one can take it with them… as long as they return it (or another book) at some point. Maybe I’ll do that!?

  2. Why rip out pages? Is there any falsehood that has stood firm in the gale force of truth? Is there any truth that has been weakened by exposure to a lie? Indeed, when all ideas are on the table, those which prove themselves to be unworthy wither while truth rises.

  3. Actually, it’s a bad idea to read them as the entire thing. Four chapters showing strong evidence for evolution were actually removed from the book. =/

  4. Jim, is that your own pic of the Three Stooges?
    I’m looking for a pic of them that I can use without any copyright issues to make a humorous educational video for YouTube.
    Credit to photographer and blog can be given :)

  5. If I remember rightly, Mike, that was taken from scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/ but I’m not certain.

    PLEASE keep me informed when the video is done. :) Also, feel free to use any of my writing from here.

    Good luck.

  6. UT Professor Stan Guffey Considers Legal Action Over Use Of Charles Darwin Bio:

    “I am party to a scam,” Guffey says. “The introduction begins with a nice, sweet little biography, then degenerates into intellectually lame, lazy distortions, selective reading of the literature, picking and choosing of facts, and misreadings of the historical record.” He says Comfort “gently moves folks into the notion that they don’t want to read what comes after the introduction. He just wants his 50 pages read, 47 of which are anti-intellectual, dishonest drivel, the first three of which are pretty good because I wrote them.”



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  8. Ray talked about virtue, but this work (or book) kind of derailed his character. It might have been the publisher’s idea or his; either way…. this book deceived and lied – with the title and big name or Charles Darwin, and lack of warning for consumers to decide or forewarned.

    Talking about white lies… probably Ray might think that it’s (white lies) okay in the eye of God? But how about denigrating a “defenseless” person like Darwin?? Is it acceptable in the eye of his God? This is the worst book of all time by the worst author (who IMHO, a bigot). Rest in Peace Darwin, I will not let half-baked individual to succeed in destroying your work.

    For Darwin, his work was done in good-will, and he published it as a scientific report – i.e. it is subjected to rebuke or support, based on scientific findings, e.g. like a hypothesis. That is the most admirable aspect in Science. I think Ray missed the whole point.

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