The Mormon Proposition

Prop. 8, was widely supported by religious organisations because it defines marriage as between a man and woman, clarifying certain ambiguities in the law which had briefly afforded same-sex couples in certain States of the union, equal human rights with heterosexual couples.

This is a film about hate activism masquerading as religious piety and the giant sums of money raised by the Mormon church to make it impossible for millions of ordinary people, who happen to be gay, to enjoy the same human rights as heterosexual couples.

I’m not new to this topic or alone in my disgust at the organisation that has even scientologists scratching their heads in disbelief. Read more:

Joseph Smith was a liar and a fraud
Mormon machine working against unions in Illinois
How religion bought and paid for ‘Yes’ on Proposition 8
The Mormon money trail to proposition 8


2 comments on “The Mormon Proposition

  1. That’s all very interesting Lrwhitney, but in the whole of that screed I don’t see a single apology to a single person affected by an immoral law bought and paid for with donations intended for charitable purposes, given to a religious group, which were knowingly and specifically redirected into a political campaign designed to discriminate against people based upon their sexuality; violating giant tracts of the American constitution—and not in a small way.

    Indeed in the whole of the text neither the words ‘homosexuality’ nor ‘proposition 8’ appear once. So this is either some kind of auto-spam, intended to spread your diseased and vile message without any particular focus, or it’s a feeble attempt to dissuade people from getting any further than the first few paragraphs on the assumption such a long article couldn’t possibly rant for so long, without at least once mentioning the elephant in the room, when in reality it tells us nothing we don’t already know about Mormonism from a cursory glance at Wikipedia and fundamentally fails to address the issue at hand.

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