For pity’s sake YouTube. FIX ACCOUNT SETTINGS!!!

The below is a screenshot of the Playback Settings pane for my YouTube account. I’ve set it up so clips always show in HQ when available. I’ve also chosen not to show those annoying pop-over annotations.

Screen shot 2009-10-09 at 14.41.27

Here is a screenshot of the cookies which match ‘youtube’ in Safari’s cache:

Screen shot 2009-10-09 at 15.01.15

If I then go ahead and remove all YouTube cookies and open a video I know to be in HQ with annotations I see this:

Screen shot 2009-10-09 at 15.02.29

The annotations are turned back on and the HQ button is deselected.

So, big deal, we’ve proven that YouTube account settings are stored in a cookie and not on YouTube’s side. But why? If I want to browse YouTube in Firefox and Safari on the same machine, or in Konqueror and Opera browser on Linux, I shouldn’t have to manually go in and set up the same account every time for each individual browser. It should be a setting stored along with my account.

But that’s not the most annoying part
One of the most frustrating things, which all of these people on YouTube’s own support forum have been complaining about since the feature was first introduced, is that YouTube will periodically simply “forget” the user’s settings when the user logs out of his or her Google account.

Yes, that’s right. Because you can sign into YouTube using your Google credentials, when you log-out of, say, your main GMail account and into one you’ve perhaps set up for spam or general mail, the session cookie for YouTube expires at the same time.

So you have to manually go back into your account settings and start over again, simply to watch clips without the annoyance of annotations and in the higher quality playback format your high speed connection can handle.

YouTube. Pretty please with a cherry on top. Fix this annoying and pointless “feature”!! We want our account settings to be stored with our account, not in the individual browser we happen to be using at any one time. Thanks in advance!


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