Rupert Murdoch’s Sun ditches Gordon Brown’s Labour Party

Screen shot 2009-09-30 at 18.10.25David Cameron’s forgone conclusion party were given a major boost in their bid to sit on the other side of the house of commons today, when the Sun (for want of a better word “news”) paper, owned by ultra conservative Australian Christian billionaire media magnate, Rupert ‘Barack Obama is a racist’ Murdoch, officially switched their allegiances to the Conservative party.

That’s right folks, today’s news headlies are that the richest man in media has decided to back a different horse.

Not that any of us have any idea what the Conservative party plan on actually doing any different to Labour. And what with Nick Clegg’s conference speech to the Liberal Democrats effectively resigning his party to another term of “didn’t they do well” consolatory nods to well-meaning policies without any explanation of how they’d pay for them, it looks like the man who gave the world Sky Television, Fox Network and, not least, his very own replicant, BBC hating, fact dodging, ultra-captolist son and heir, James Murdoch, it seems likely Mr. Rupert might just get the election result he wanted, yet-a-fucking-gain.

13162853The Sun, for those who have to ask, resides at the classy end of scum journalism. Just occasionally prurient enough to be mildly amusing, but not beneath printing flat out lies about ZZ-list celebrities.

Known for its once cutting edge take on common sense conservatism (with a small ‘c’) The Sun has spent the last 12 years pretending there is a difference between Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson’s New Labour Party and the Old Tory Party of Thatcher and Major.

Meanwhile, genuinely motivated pragmatists, like Gordon Brown, have had to stand idly by, while everything other than what he actually said is mangled ad-nausia through the News Corp. mangle.


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