Who are the real victims here?

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7 comments on “Who are the real victims here?

  1. Without the incentive of profit, you end up with health care systems that is unable to care for the population at all. The fact that you are against a person making a profit puts you in the company of Marx and friends.

    Marx thought he could take care of the people too who he thought could be good without God. All of history so far has proven him wrong. England and Canada are in the process of going down in flames.

    The NHS in fact just said that it was OK for doctors to end the life of their patient because they won’t be prosecuted. I guess that is how you save money in England. Just kill a few…

    How can you live with killing so many babies and then knocking off the old people? How can you live with a system that fails to serve the public?

    It just doesn’t make sense to me. A system that kills people by having delayed services and not allowing people to get needed test in a timely fashion seems immoral to me.

    I guess the NHS has failed in its objective and the lack of money is just now starting to corrupt the system.

  2. What’s actually happened here, in the UK today, just to clarify this for readers who aren’t dumb as a stump, is that they have finally clarified the law so that terminally ill people can plan their ending with dignity, before they are too frail or physically incapable of making decisions for themselves, or without risking their partner being arrested or prosecuted for assisting someone’s suicide if they travel with their sick wife or husband to Dignitas.


    I knew when I read today’s headline on this, that shit eating Jesus freaks the world over would get the wrong end of the stick and, sure enough, right on queue the fan of facts herself, the blogger who gave the world such insight as “atheism is a sect of hinduism” and “I don’t accept theories. I only accept demonstrated evidence” brings it up, out of context and with no understanding on the background of this story or the genuine and loving people who have championed this much overdue change in the law whatsoever.

    Secondly, would you please cut and paste the exact quote of mine where I said anything about being against companies making a profit or championed Marxism in any way shape or form. Take your time, but be sure to quote me exactly. You wouldn’t want it to look like you were just making shit up, now would you? Like a blog troll equivalent of Ann Coulter, only dumber.

  3. “How can you live with killing so many babies and then knocking off the old people? How can you live with a system that fails to serve the public?”

    If he had said that to my face I would hit him in the face spontaneously…

    And I’m sorry for not really commenting on the post Jim. It’s interesting tough that these people might actually have more leverage with the American public then the president himself. It would be fun to see a conservative tv channel air this and watch the reaction of thousands of those idiots not getting the point and speaking out even more against Obama’s health care plan then before.

  4. So… are you saying that isn’t a parody? :p

    But obviously it is, as it’s asking people who watched it to call the senate to get this truck moving.

    Also, Zdenny a woman? Well, I’d still punch her in the face if she said that to me. I don’t discriminate.

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