Microsoft! For pity’s sake, don’t advertise.

Tackiest, fakest, shittyest, painfully corporate, load of old pish EVER!!

Who was at the meeting when this idea was put forward and why did none of them say, “you know, that sounds like the stupidest, creepiest, non-starter of an idea ever EVER pitched”.

Are they, like, super gutted that when a new product from one of their competitors comes out that people who are actually excited about it queue outside stores to buy it? And isn’t artificially trying to recreate that kind of buzz absolutely guaranteed to have the opposite effect?

Check out the guy who goes, “Really it’s just like having a party with Windows 7 as guest of honour”. That actor has waited his entire adult life to work on a commercial for a product someone has actually heard of, and even he can’t believe the SHITE dialogue and SHITE scenario, let alone the PRODUCT ITSELF that he is now having to make out like he gives a shit about.

Microsoft! For pity’s sake. Don’t advertise.


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