The facts about Obama’s healthcare plan


16 comments on “The facts about Obama’s healthcare plan

  1. If you notice, he is demonstrating that by forcing insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions and denying them the ability to cancel a policy, the cost for the insurance will cost 10 times more than it does now.

    The funnel is set for the everyone to slide into the government plan.

    The CBO is already demonstrating that this thing with cost a fortune. No one believes that just cutting waste and fraud will cover the cost of the government plan. Actually, this is laughable. If he wanted to save Medicare he should start finding this fraud now…

    The closing of the donut hole will cost millions more.

    In all honesty, this guy has to be the most dishonest person I have ever met or he has to be the dumbest. No one in America is buying his medicine because it is actually poison.

    That is just the American perspective.

  2. That’s funny, because you are one of the dumbest people I’ve ever met, so I guess it takes one to know one.

    What’s amazing to me, is that the only people who are against these plans are either those who have no concept of reality in the first place, or have a long standing financial investment in the status quo. They have no choice but to attack Obama along partisan lines and blame him personally for a set of proposals which have, in reality, been drawn-up through careful and considered consultation with the healthcare industry and are in many cases proposals which bipartisan Republicans have been calling for since Reagan.

    It’s also in-keeping with your preexisting condition of selecting the text you disagree with and completely ignoring the parts which answer your concerns, that you negate to mention that, as the rest of the video evidence right in front of your eyes shows, there will be a cap on the amount you can be charged for out-of-pocket expenses, because companies will be required AT NO EXTRA COST to cover for preventative care and routine check-ups. Or did you just forget to listen to that part?

    What’s even more telling of your lacking interest in what he actually said, is that he will do this by opening up the healthcare market to even greater competition—which you would have thought a small government free marketeer like you would be in favour of, or are you going to conveniently forget that’s something you’ve previously argued in favour of again, like you do on every other comment you post here? Or maybe you just didn’t agree with John McCain when he proposed half of these measures during the campaign? You did vote McCain / Palin, right?

    You see, your problem is that, because you don’t know what you’re talking about, you assume whatever comes out of your mouth is a confusion shared by others and it isn’t. It’s just your stupidity. Now, run along little girl—Rush Limbaugh is on in 20 minutes and you wouldn’t want to miss finding out what your opinion is this week, now would you?

  3. Wow, thanks for that video. I feel like I finally have an encapsulated idea of what Obama is trying to propose.

    I am still concerned about this… I like the open market idea but I have to wonder how truly open it will be, with the government regulating it, there’s bound to be restrictions of all sorts.

    I also wonder how its going to be paid for … and I have a hard time believing that just redirecting the waste of the current system will actually pay for all of these new changes.

    Simply put, I don’t trust the government to follow this through. Signing a bill is very different than putting it into practice. I have a hard time believing that this won’t drive premiums up, especially since the whole industry is modeled on a risk-pool. Is the model changing to HSA’s, where people are responsible for their own little pool of finances to cover their sickness?

    I’ve tried to listen for opposing viewpoints on this plan, but all I get is raving ‘ITS SOCIALIST MEDICINE!’ with glaring attacks that have obviously been way way overexaggerated. Does Obama’s plan have the potential to slide into socialist medicine? Absolutely.

    Do I really want to trust my health to the beauracracy of the federal government? In the end I fear the cost of private insurance may be driven so high, that I will have no choice but to use the cheaper government plan, and that REALLY scares me, because now we have healthcare for the sick and socialized care for the poor. How is that not much much worse?

  4. That is, if I might politely suggest, a very American view of things Kim. We have by no means a perfect system in this country. But the NHS isn’t rival to the private sector. They work together. This means that the best of the best doctors and specialists can still work in the NHS without sacrificing their private practise. There is nothing which says you can only have a for profit healthcare system if there is no publicly funded system alongside it. On the contrary. The NHS is driven to excellence by competition in the private sector. That’s how it works.

    That is the system Obama and his bipartisan advisory committee have seen working all around the world in preparation for this bill and that is the system America deserves. The only thing that can defeat it now is the fear mongers who have defeated it before.

  5. I think your view on government may be tied to your view of humanity. You think that government will not become corrupt and that powerful interests will not drive the interest of the politicians.

    I just disagree because I think government will become corrupt and that power interests will drive the interest of the politicians.

    I think this is the difference in our viewpoints. I think man is predisposed to selfishness and you believe that man is predisposed to goodness.

    However, are you not being inconsistent in believing this. Darwianians all believe in the selfish gene which would agree with the Bible that man is fallen and essentially a sinner. However, you disagree with both Darwinians and Christians by arguing that a man serving in government will not be selfish.

    I just think it is intellectually dishonest or perhaps you have simply overlooked this point.

  6. omg this is HILARIOUS – “I just disagree because I think government will become corrupt and that power interests will drive the interest of the politicians”

    As if the government ISN’T corrupt? In fact every sentence of this person’s email proves s/he is an “intellectual imbecile…”

    Do you really want this person to go away? I’m finding great humor in this one!

  7. Hi Jim — which view did you consider ‘American’? I espoused a couple of different opinions and I wasn’t sure entirely which one you were referring to.

    At the very core of things, I see the government using ‘for the good of people’ as a way of getting more power. Sorry if that sounds like a blanket statement, but if I start getting into the ridiculousness of anti-gun laws, red light cameras, seatbelt ‘enforcement’ traffic stops, it’ll be a long time before I cool off.

  8. Paula In Philadelphia: Zdenny is a great source of humour for all the wrong reasons. She isn’t interested, on any level, in understanding why so many people disagree with her. I have tried. As have others. You’re welcome to give it a go—but I won’t be drawn, although I will watch with great interest if you decide to give it a try.

    Kaybee: It was more the way in which you expressed a mistrust of the government to follow through. I’ve watched from afar the frustratingly obvious way in which the Democrats—and registered independents who invariably swing to them on a major vote, will self-defeat on matters of pushing through necessary reforms. It’s been that way since Carter but it’s actually getting more and more ridiculous these days.

    The well planned and cautious considerations of the thinking classes leaves them weak to the demands of the cock-sure and arrogant. It’s as if they’re so tuned into a Republicanized re-interpirtation of the threat of “big government” they fail not only to see the benefits, but on some level actually buy into the erroneous notions being bandied around. For example that public funding is socialism by any other name—just as anyone who watches Glenn Beck and Shawn Hannity on a regular basis will tell you, without stopping to understand what they’re talking about—let alone acknowledge that the Republicans don’t actually have a strategy of their own, other than to attack and filibuster anything the Democrats propose, no matter what.

    I’m not clumping you personally in with that mentality, I’m saying you’re being swayed by it. And from this perspective it’s exactly the kind of resolve to push things through, under Obama, we progressive Europeans feared the progressive middle-class American might not have the stomach to do. Not from want of courage. There is no doubting the work ethic of your average American—none whatsoever. The problem is you enjoy internal bickering and maverick extremism too much. And, in an attempt to draw something from that, there’s this constant draw towards the middle ground, as if some magic combination of extreme ideologies might come together in a coherent whole–where everyone can get along. But that simply isn’t realistic—nor is it the kind of true definition of social democracy the Republicans will allow.

    As a method of codifying economic policy, foreign policy and action on healthcare, this confrontational approach in the legislature has failed time and time again, each successive administration of both red and blue stripe. Leaving anyone unfortunate enough to be on the periphery, working two jobs and terrified of getting a common flu, exactly where they’ve always been; in the bloody shit. What’s needed is a little bit of trust in democratically elected representatives again—and since they’re incapable of earning that respect, we’re all in yet-another Mexican stand-off, between the European model of social responsibility through democratic representation and the new-frontier ideologues who champion the free market economy to such an extent, they’re against even the most common sense constraints on private industry.

  9. Jim,

    ‘Social democracy’ IS socialism.


    “omg this is HILARIOUS – “I just disagree because I think government will become corrupt and that power interests will drive the interest of the politicians”

    As if the government ISN’T corrupt? In fact every sentence of this person’s email proves s/he is an “intellectual imbecile…””

    So you think Z Denny is right on regards corruption, but that makes her an imbecile? Oh and ’email’? Glass house + a bunch of stones = your comment.


    “At the very core of things, I see the government using ‘for the good of people’ as a way of getting more power.”

    Totally agree. In fact that is exactly what has been happening in Europe for decades and is being fast tracked in your country right now.

    My ‘two cents’ as you lot say.

  10. Jim: “The well planned and cautious considerations of the thinking classes leaves them weak to the demands of the cock-sure and arrogant.”

    I guess I have to disagree with you. I’d rather be accused of analytical thinking than of reactionary bluster. Asking questions and questioning the government is a basic fundamental that Americans simply don’t request of their elected officials anymore, and we end up paying the price by funding the corruptive policies that shouldn’t have been installed in the first place.

    I certainly do want there to be options for healthcare, but if the end result will be further dichotomy (only the rich can afford quality care), I can’t give it my support. I know you think I’m being unrealistic, but I am tired of having to pick between the lesser of two evils when it comes to making policy. I also think you believe Obama’s plan will help those who are in need. Unfortunately, the government has a bad track record of trying to help and making matters much worse.

    My Canadian sister-in-law even admits she’d never want to go to a veteran hospital because they are ‘poorly run and dirty’. She likes the Canadian system, but admits people ‘slip through the cracks because of the long waits… but at least they always get seen by someone at some point.” I argued being seen by a doctor is kind of a moot point when, say, you have cancer and need treatments immediately, not 6 months later when you finally get an appointment.

    Don’t mistake me– I absolutely think our system is too expensive, prohibitively so — but I wholeheartedly disagree that a government option would make any more of a dent in the industry’s problem than GWB’s ‘economy stimulus checks’ did. (Though that $300 did finance a plane ticket to Vegas… and then I was broke again.)

    Thanks for being even with me, and since emails/blogs always miss out on the ever important literary component of tone, let me state for the record I am entirely sincere, earnest, and open-minded on this topic. <3, Kaybee

  11. This poor man is naive (Obama). He and his republican oppoenents are being manipulated by the health care corporations that spit on his laws. Laws are meaningless, when they are never enforced. The corporations are far more powerful than they government when they have the money to spend in court appealing the law. What a joke this democracy is ! I hope that the common man has more worth in the UK, than the US. Good luck Scotland, Ireland! America, is under control of the insurance/pharmaceutical Cartels. I hope that the UK can remain drug free. NINE months after the pre-existing “law” ,insurance companies still are requesting information about pre-existing conditions ? Where is the USA government? Both parties in the US are puppets. The people are distracted from the real evil believing that the blame is do to the bad Obamacare or the tea party republicans. BOTH ARE A DISTRACTION. The Chinese may be fortunate to have a government that is able to control the corporations. What do you think? Drug vs insurance cartels vs common man. In Canada, they may give you approval/appointment for treatment when it is to late, but in the US, you are plain out denied insurance. Good luck UK.

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