“Fair and Balanced” Fox News producer caught on camera jeering up the 9/12 crowd

Real journalists go to university and study geopolitics and economic theory. They climb the greasy ladder of success by risking their lives in war-torn parts of the world, so we can sit back in our armchairs, tutting at the evening news headlies, saying, “What can I do about it?”

Heidi Noonan, an associate producer at Fox News, however, has had a slightly easier time of it. This patriotic young go-getter majored in cheerleading, before honing her skills as a rabble-rouser for the network which gave the world ‘Joe Millionaire’ and ‘American Idol’.

Not that Heidi Noonan hasn’t seen her fair share of real news reporting. Her first assignment was covering a good lo’ fashioned lynching and cook-out, which earned her a Murdoch Award for factual incitement to racial hatred.

Fair and Balanced? Fox News, you lie.


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