An electorate so deeply misinformed they have become the tyranny we should be protecting our children from


8 comments on “An electorate so deeply misinformed they have become the tyranny we should be protecting our children from

  1. I want to hate these people, but I can only pity them.

    It is the likes of Hannity and Glenn Beck, who knowingly feed these peoples ignorance for their own gain, that deserve condemnation.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I felt so bad for that women who was there because she wanted to be able to face her grandkids. Such a shame she is there for all the wrong reasons.

    And the woman who was outraged by the concept of non-military being armed on the streets, because Fox have never told her anything about Erik Prince’s Blackwater Worldwide.

  3. I’m starting to wonder how much of a percentage these health care haters really are. Because I just can’t believe more then 1% of Americans have an IQ lower then 10.

  4. Three things:

    1. Do you people even realise what these protests are about?

    2. Jim, aren’t you English? Because if you haven’t noticed, we do have problems of our own as far as liberty is concerned.

    3. Whilst undoubtably a minority of the people involved in this movement are stupid, or bigoted, or maybe even ‘teabaggers’ (as they were so tastelessly derided as in the msm during the last wave of protests. You could actually make that claim however, about any mass movement, and that in no way takes away from the actual issues involved.
    I have to admit that I am extremely disappointed at the way these issues have been treated in this blog, mockingly over-simplified with faux pity into a ‘right vs left’ paradigm that is just completely irrelevant in the real world.

    These protests aren’t about healthcare, religion and most certainly not racism as has been posited here recently. They are about taxation without representation. About entire future generations of working people who are being indebted by the unilateral actions of those who are supposed to act in the public interest. About the ever increasing size of government, and the extent of both it’s power, and it’s willingness to use it against it’s own people.

    Don’t these issues seem important to any of you? Jim, as a fellow resident of the CCTV state, the most overtaxed population on earth, a people left with a gigantic political class, an unelected leader, and no real ability to exert any meaningful control over our own lives without government approval, can you not sympathise, or even root for people who are willing and eager to take action against this kind of crap? People who actually believe they can still make a difference? Isn’t that important?

    Or do you really believe that march was just about 2 million republican racists who hate the idea of ‘free’ healthcare?

  5. Michael. The vast majority of hard working Americans are sick and tired of the way the current healthcare system works. It has been acknowledged on both side of the divide for decades that something needs to be done about it.

    Obama represents the first real hope at getting this done in a long, long time. But the issues which are of genuine concern, some of which you raise, are not being discussed by the very people who need to have that conversation, because the extreme right wing agenda of racists, who masquerade as arbiters of so-called Christian moral values–much like the BNP in our green and pleasant land–have engaged the primal hatred resident in white trash for anything which sounds remotely like socialism, even though they don’t know what that means, as a distraction from the fact that much of what is being proposed is pure and simple common sense–and we can’t have any of that from a Democrat black man, now can we?

    I guarantee you, the vast majority of people who are opposed to Obama’s plans, have not formulated their opinion on the facts as much as they have on the opinions of Rupert Murdoch’s Glenn Beck. That is why there is so much talk of ‘death panels’ and corner of the mouth slights against the national health services in our country–which although is far from perfect, is available to those in our society who need it the most. This can not be said of Medicare, which is ineffective, mired in bureaucracy and very difficult for ordinary people to access when they actually get sick.

    As for recent events, it has been strongly contested that there was anything like 2 million people on the march–but in a country of over 304,059,724 as of July 2008, that hardly represents a consensus. Even if there were 10 times as many people present, that wouldn’t even touch a number close to how many people voted for McCain / Palin. So I agree that it is ludicrous to tar all proponents of small government with the same brush, but it should be obvious from the tone of frothing at the mouth cable news rhetoric that it is not those of us in favour of Obama’s plans who are responsible for that.

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