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  1. I agree that we didn’t need either of these. I see you are starting to come around and see the obvious! Government made a huge mistake in having us go to Iraq and the Government is making a huge mistake by undermining the private sector.

    The best place for government is to stay limited, small and make sure that their citizens are safe from foreign nations.

  2. Yeeeeeaaaahh, I don’t think that’s what this cartoon is trying to say. I’m pretty sure it’s making an ironic statement about how the republicans pushed through the war bills saying they were “necessary” but now they’re saying the health care overhaul isn’t necessary. Kill other people, that’s okay. Try to keep people alive in this country, no bad.

    And do you even see the idiocy in your whole last sentence? How can a tiny government protect us from the rest of the world? Really, I don’t think you can have both.

  3. This blog is quickly turning into the “let’s see how dumb Zdenny can get” show. Zdenny, I did ask you nicely to keep your posts to something which adds to the debate and I suppose in a twisted kind of way this does, but it could also be the straw that breaks the camels back if you don’t chill with the pointless rhetoric. We get that you watch Fox News, OK?

    If you’re going to carry on posting comments which couldn’t be any wider of the mark if they were scripted to be deliberately satirical, I’m going to have to start moderating what you post before it goes live. I told you in private email that I didn’t what to have to do that and you agreed you’d keep it in check. Now I’m saying it out loud. Please don’t become the next Todd.

    This isn’t about censoring what you say because we don’t agree, it’s about raising the level of debate beyond the level of childish point scoring we’re used to in the mainstream media–where you seem to glean most of your received opinions. In short, knock it off. Last warning.

  4. I think since Obama has actually continued and in some places actually escalated these ‘pointless’ wars that this point is actually a little moot.

  5. Adam said, How can a tiny government protect us from the rest of the world?

    Actually we would have a ton more money for defense if we got rid of most of these government programs. Obama is trying to put us in a situation where we will not be able to financially defend ourselves with his outrageous amount of spending. We soon won’t even be able to pay for our superior military if he keeps it up.

  6. Adam said, “Kill other people, that’s okay. Try to keep people alive in this country, no bad”

    Actually, Bush thought he was saving American lives by demonstrating our strength before the world. Obama thinks he is saving American lives by using our financial strength. The thinking is the same for both Obama and Bush.

    The same error is being committed by both Bush and Obama. Government did not need to act offensively in Iraq and the Government does not need to act offensively in health care. Government’s role is to protect private enterprise, not take it over. In the same way, Government is suppose to protect individual liberty of American’s rather than drop bombs on a government that was no threat to US security.

  7. Let’s be honest: Reps and Dems are the same when it comes to taking your money because they know better than you. Reps believe they know better about how to protect you. Bye bye privacy. Dems believe they know better about your health. Bye bye privacy.

    I understand that people are having a hard time and yes, the system of healthcare could be improved, but nationalized healthcare is simply a bad idea in the long run. (Ahem, Medicare, ahem, bankrupt).

    It all comes down to economics. People say health care is too expensive. Why might that be? No really… think about it. Why is health care expensive? Might it be because there are state regulations that don’t allow me to shop around for the best rate? There’s a good start. More competition would do wonders for dropping the price of healthcare.

    And… where will the money for nationalized healthcare come from? (Where does any money that the government use come from?) Your taxes. You know — that money that you used to own before the government sneakily steals it in your paycheck every week.

    I’m self-employed, and by the end of this year, I’ll have to pay at least $2,500 in taxes, because I have to pay double social security tax and also double medicare tax. And yes, that’s with all the legal deductions I can take. Normally, the employer would pay the other half, but since I employ myself, I get to cover myself, twice. Oh gee. How thoughtful of those tax laws. I wonder what would be more beneficial to the American economy … trading in your already paid for clunker car for brand new car payments, or having extra money to spend? An extra $2,500… I’d support the vacation industry nicely. Maybe get a new TV. Alas, no.

    The American populace has a good heart, but we sacrifice liberty for safety, and end up with high prices and low quality. If we really care about people at the end of all this, and not Barack Obama’s legacy, we would stop all this mad talk of ‘only taking money from the rich’ and creating healthcare for everyone. Wealth redistribution does not work. The people who create jobs, who innovate, who drive our economy, are the rich. If you steal money from them, they simply have to drive up the price of their goods and services. And Americans will end up paying too much for basic healthcare, only worse.

    I repeat, wealth reallocation does not work. Fix healthcare by opening up competition between state lines.

    Oh, and I was once accused of this before, so let me set the story straight: I am not rich, or republican, and not covered by my employer at a cushy job. I’m self employed, really bust my ass every month, and pay $110/month for emergency healthcare coverage. Trust me, I want a lower price, and I also know nationalized healthcare isn’t the path.

  8. Sadly the legitimate concerns you express here, Kaybee, are being drowned out by the morons and racists. I’ve never been so embarrassed on behalf of the many considerate and clear thinking Americans, I have met on-line and in-person, when it was suggested that going down the public option route would lead to Communism and a British style of healthcare provision.

    Sadly, those on the Glenn Beck bandwagon have no idea how deeply ignorant of the facts about our NHS this kind of nonsense really is. Fortunately, however, through lack of healthcare coverage for preventable diseases they’ll all be dead soon. So, I guess it’s true that every cloud has a silver lining.

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