This just fries my mind


4 comments on “This just fries my mind

  1. Paranoia is believing something without good cause. Whereas in this case it would appear two leaders of apparently independent sovereign nations have had their script written for them–and on no less an important subject, than addressing parliament on going to war. What’s even more terrifying is that this wasn’t front-page news at the time.

    Of course that might also suggest that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. It could be that they didn’t try to hide the fact that they were reading a prepared statement. It might also be that, for legal reasons, they had to enter certain wording onto the record. It’s also interesting that both nations are part of commonwealth. Perhaps there is a video of Blair reading the same thing somewhere out there too?

    Of course, none of this changes the fact they’re both knowingly telling lies, regardless of how they dress it up. Those friends of George W. Bush and their important military contracts can’t hang around forever, after-all.

  2. The Liberals and NDP have been tearing Harper up down and sideways for like three years now, on exactly this point. They were complicit, and collaborated in the injust destruction of a sovereign nation on trumped-up evidence. This is sad. And I am sad to live in a country where someone like Harper was once considered a “breath of fresh air” after Chretien and his cronyism / self-serving corruption were exposed and ousted.

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