Atheists in foxholes


3 comments on “Atheists in foxholes

  1. Nice! I’m no familiar with uniforms so are those British or American troops? I believe to see (an) american flag(s) on their shoulders but I’m not sure.

    Also, when I hear someone say “there are no atheists in foxholes”, I respond: “I wouldn’t worry, there are no theists in death either.” Most responses to that give new meaning to ‘flipping the f*** out’.

  2. Great photo which made me laugh!

    They are not actually serving in Iraq or Afganistan as evidenced by their BDU’s so they are not really in a foxhole that has any danger.

    The ground which is not sandy in the photo is also not consistent with an area where our troops are not fighting.

    In addition, a soldier is not allowed to be without their weapon when involved in a combat zone…

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