CNBC accidentally broadcasts the truth

Watch to the end


4 comments on “CNBC accidentally broadcasts the truth

  1. I found this to be hilarious; however, he is correct. America is no longer experiencing the blessing of God due to our sin. Our future is very bleak as a result and the bubble won’t be inflated by natural forces. I just wonder how much more money Obama is going to spend inflating the economy. He will probably run us dry…

  2. Err.. forgive me for constantly basing our correspondence around your confused thinking, Zdenny, but those of us who live in a country with a free press staffed by actual journalists know full well that this has nothing to do with Obama.

    A certain kind of republican, let’s say one who believes the world is no older than the invention of iron smelting, might like everyone to have as short term memory as they do, but the fact is this debt goes back to the Regan administration.

    If you don’t like what that tells you about capitalist greed and the only way you can distract attention away from it is to blame the very people who were elected by a landslide majority of your own countrymen to fix it, rather than make it worse, I might suggest you listen to less Fox News or Rush Lamebore before you dig yourself any deeper.

  3. It is now a documented fact that Obama is doing more deficit spending than all the other presidents combined. Why do you think everyone is angry at Obama? He is digging our grave; however, he doesn’t have a choice as this is the only way out in the short term

  4. Zdenny, God is not responsible for a government being prosperous or people being overtaxed.

    Additionally, both Reps and Dems LOVE to spend money, just on different types of programs. So crab about Obama ( I do too,) but that really does little except cause division.

    I assume you’re America — if you really want our country to get out of the economic rut it currently exists in, educate yourself about how the economy, the printing of money, and what the Constitution is about.

    Frankly, Ron Paul’s book “Revolution” is the most up-to-date accessible information about this topic.

    Interestingly enough, the Republicans loved to poke fun at Paul’s ideas during the debate, but now that Obama has been elected, I hear more and more talking heads espousing Ron Paul’s views about fiscal responsibility and no-nanny-state government regarding healthcare. Too bad they couldn’t get their heads out of their asses during the campaign to actually support him. He might have been elected.

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