The power of nightmares

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2 comments on “The power of nightmares

  1. I never really understood why people like Obama consider Castro and Chavez our friends. I think the denial of evil in the world demonstrates naive thinking on the part of liberals.

    I don’t think that liberals really understand that its their policies that lead to WWI and WWII in Europe. In fact, Stalin and his rise to power was driven by the ideology of Europe at the time which was markedly liberal.

    The liberal ideas in Russia became a concern and led to the Vietnam war in order to contain the ideology that had sweep through Russia and had devastated Europe previously.

    Thanks for the film! I enjoy seeing what you think is important for your readers to see and understand…

  2. I don’t really want to comment on the video since it pretty much speaks for itself. But, ZDenny:

    1. World War 1 was caused by mutual hatred between the French and the Germans. It was Nationalism, not Liberalism that started that war. When the ceasefire was signed, the Germans were blamed for the war and had to pay punitive reparations to the “victorious party” which they still haven’t finished paying. These sanctions would eventually be a major factor that caused World War 2. German discontent and a genius, tough insane, leader would lead to this war, not Liberalism.

    2. The Vietnam war started because Ho Chi Minh didn’t want to choose between American Capitalism and Soviet Communism. And because he wanted to walk the line, the American Government decided to move in and make sure the country became capitalist, fearing the rest of the region would fall to communism if they didn’t. So how does liberalism factor into this?

    I’m not a liberal by the way, incase you were wondering.

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