Model Katie Green’s campaign against Size Zero models

Katie-Green-wonderbra-model-stockings-Sony-Bravia-ZX1-overhead-thumb-400x852-75001Without a shadow of doubt, the single most stomach churning consequence of the modern world’s fascination with style over substance, is the way in which young girls are brainwashed by the fashion and beauty industry into thinking gaunt is glamourous and curves are ugly.

You don’t have to be a genius to work out why the sinusoidal curve of a healthy woman’s body, is so much more appealing to men than a straight up and down ironing board with boyish protruding cheek bones. Similarly, there are plenty of women who find a couple of days beard growth and the vague ordure of sump oil on a man’s clothing so much more appealing, than a waxed chest and undulating globules of over-oxygenated muscles.

And yet images of “perfection” which run contrary to this acceptance of our own bodies we have in ourselves and seek in others, remains carved into the public consciousness, as if some vision of ourselves other than what we see in the mirror is to be anxiously pursued if we ever want to be happy or accepted into a better more beautiful world.

Katie Green, along with her Liberal Democrat friend, Lembit Öpik, is hoping to raise awareness among women who read fashion magazines, that these publications are not designed to make you feel beautiful. They are designed to make you compare yourself to something which is unattainable and false and hence make you feel ugly.

You are not ugly. Advertising and marketing is ugly. People who photoshop images of perfectly healthy looking women, so they look 10 years younger and painfully thin is ugly. The only way to stop these multi-national publishing companies, who profit from your misery, is to stop buying their magazines and newspapers.

The irony of Katie speaking about this on Sky News, owned by Rupert Murdoch, would be hilarious if it wasn’t for the fact they’ve set-up the shot so you can’t help but be titmatized by her tight blouse and short skirt. Katie’s message isn’t about ending the exploitative objectification of women in the fashion industry, oh no sir. She has but one simply mission–to get the industry to recognise their responsibility to the health of women who read their hateful rags and only use models whose weight to height ratio matches their body-mass index. And good luck to her!


17 comments on “Model Katie Green’s campaign against Size Zero models

  1. I have friends in their early 20’s that will point out some attractive girl and say she’d be hot if she lost 10 pounds when the girl is clearly at a healthy weight. The funny thing is that nary a single one of the guys will ever be gracing the cover of GQ.

  2. Mike AKA has a point. I’ve seen pretty schlubby guys verbally harassing or grossly ogling women, and I’ve said “Hey! Notice she’s not looking at YOU?” They don’t get it…..

  3. There is a quite compelling site – although some may find it offensive – which makes the case that since the prominent roles in the fashion industry are dominated by homosexuals, the preference is for models who most resemble boys. The author really does make quite a strong case.

    Have a look Jim and let me know what you think;

  4. Granted I am not 5’8″ or taller and size 0; I am merely a non-model–5’6″ and size 1/2. Will someone please start making size 1/2 so I can get dressed in the a.m.? :)

    And horrors–my BMI is 16! How is it I am healthy and strong??? And why is it only the women who call me skinny and anorexic, while the men call me sexy?

    Puh-leazzze someone–clue me in. My annual physicals get me an A+ but the rest of the world calls me sick????

  5. I prefer my wife to be fit and healthy rather than like the numerous BFD (big fat disgraces) you see in KFC wolfing down a family bucket themselves while sipping a small diet coke.

  6. To all these guys that are saying that fat chicks rock. I ask you, when was the last time you heard someone say “that Angelina Jollie would be so much hotter if she gained 5o pounds?”
    Exactly!! I rest my case.

  7. Mark- Glasgow, Do you mean apart from me and my mate Chris and Edgy? Fact is fella there are plenty of men who like women to look like they have at some point in their life actually eaten solids. If you’re into the not-yet-weaned look I’d seek help.

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  11. I am happy that she is looking to shape the industry not to use undernourished women. I also accept that there are people in this world who are naturally very slim AND healthy.
    One can also see that many of the models are under age and there is serious talk about many of them being sexually exploited. They want them skinny, young and vulnerable, totally unprepared for the pressures they are facing.

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