Another tax payer of sound mind and body


6 comments on “Another tax payer of sound mind and body

  1. I was in a church where the associate pastor started beating his head against the pew cushion because he was so “moved by the spirit”. I found it appalling as a Christian the, and find it even more so as an atheist.

  2. I stood next to a similarly enthusiastic assistant pastor at a wedding once. He wasn’t smashing his head into anything, but he was extremely keen that all the family members who weren’t regulars of that particular church could see for themselves just how far it was possible to go, “In Jesus name”. His main problem being, of course, that this is exactly what we all saw–and a long time before he started with the whole hand waving and the little man look-at-me, “aren’t I all the proof you need” receive the spirit play acting routine.

  3. The video is meant to mock; however, it really is being culturally insensitive. Do you also make fun of African Americans as they worship? Do you also make fun of Hispanics when they dance? Do you make fun of cultures because they are different than your own?

    The elitism by Atheist is very disturbing

  4. I’ve been around this sort of action several times and I have to ask myself, “Is he acting or is it real?” I do not have an answer yet. Putting this guy in the “crazy” category is prejudice.

  5. Well, Daddy Dave. He’s either genuinely filled with the holy spirit or he is bat shit insane—there are no shades of grey here. Of course, he could be just both of these two possibilities, in which case I think it’s obvious why believing doesn’t have a look-in, compared to knowing.

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