AronRa hits the nail on the head yet again

I’ve written before about Ida, the 47 million year old fossil, which the news media were fascinated with calling, “The Missing Link”, even though that term is a Victorian age misnomer, coined by creationists who didn’t understand what Darwinian Natural Selection is all about. Nothing has changed.

Yet again AronRa, the YouTube user who consistently delivers clip after clip of well researched, well explained science, has managed to sum it all up in this short clip, which tells us more about the true importance of the discovery in 5 minutes, than the entire BBC “special”, which aired the week of Ida’s announcement to the world did, in well over 30 minutes–which still didn’t actually telling us anything worth knowing at all.


3 comments on “AronRa hits the nail on the head yet again

  1. AronRa is an excellent teacher of science and ought to get a Nobel Prize for his efforts in dragging the misty eyed section of human society out of the stone age! I watch his video’s on my smart phone regularly and I’m becoming quite an expert on the history of religion and palaeontology…thanks Aron! :^)

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